Remember this beach engagement that was nothing less than an utter dream? Farhana & Dion scrambled to pull together their wedding when COVID-19 hit their best laid plans hard. I think you will agree, however, that the result, their day, was utter perfection, despite not everything going to plan.

And we’ve got the photos, captured by Davish Photography to prove it!

“We were supposed to get married at the mosque on the 5th of April” explains Farhana. “On Friday before the wedding, my dad and Dion went to speak to them and they suggested we get married early as they were expecting a lockdown before the wedding date. Dion was a little hesitant as the Sunday was his birthday. But we decided on Friday that we will get married at the mosque on Sunday just with close family. On Saturday we were told we could only have eight people there so we decided to move the wedding to my home for the day after. It was chaos, but perfect. Special thanks for our beautiful family for organising everything, and vendors for letting us change dates last minute! Everything fell into place and we couldn’t have asked for a better, intimate wedding!”

The stories just keep coming for these two, because the tale of how they met? Equally as special reminisces the bride. “Dion and I worked in the same complex. He owned the hair salon next to the bank I worked at. I wanted to do something nice for my brother (with a disability) and get him a fancy haircut (we usually cut his hair at home). My parents brought him in and my dad asked Dion if he could buy a cape off him. A week later he came into the bank and gave it to me. I asked how much I owed him, he said just to buy him a coffee. We had our first coffee date and it was very special! We still joke that it was my brother that set us up because he got sick of me giving him haircuts! He probably wanted a permanent hairdresser that will give him fancy haircuts at home!”

Of the groom’s attire, Farhana explains “Dion wanted to be a ‘Sultan’ He wore a traditional Bangladeshi attire which was a gift from my uncle!”

Farhana wore a traditional Bangladeshi gown. “Everyone dressed up and it was perfect! My husband is Italian and I loved how his family embraced our culture! It was a very traditional wedding. I had outfits for everyone attending, which my in-laws looked amazing in.”

“I remember the first moment I saw you on our wedding day,” tells Dion. “You looked so beautiful, wearing a stunning bright red dress. You had this big smile on your face like you were nervous but excited. You made eye contact with me and I just remember thinking “far out I’m a lucky guy”! Everything was perfect, the sun was shining from outside, our families were there all dressed in beautiful traditional outfits in all different colours. It was the happiest moment of my life!” Dion’s father even did Farhana’s hair for the day!

The couple held a traditional Bangladeshi, Muslim ceremony tells Farhana. “I wanted a Muslim wedding, where everyone felt a part of it and could resonate. I couldn’t have asked for more.

There were special prayers, beautiful words, very special! Our celebrant said things that resonated with everyone and there were tears!

Having our closest family there with us, and those that couldn’t make it due to restrictions watched it on Facebook live from different parts of the world! I had my family in Bangladesh dress up for the wedding and had a wedding feast while watching us on Facebook Live. It was quite special.”

Farhana’s favourite photos all include family. “The photos of everyone at the wedding is quite special. We will always remember the ones that made it last minute! One of my brothers had to fly back from Melbourne in a day’s notice!”

Let’s chat proposals because Dion managed to surprise Farhana, despite him being terrible at keeping secrets! “Dion can’t keep a secret and I knew he had ordered a ring in. I knew he wouldn’t be able to surprise me. We had a holiday booked and I knew he was going to pop the question while we were away. After many special moments I was expecting him to pop the question, I finally gave up.

The day after we got back from the holiday we went out for dinner with his friends and got home late. He came inside for a glass of water and when I was least expecting it he started saying how lucky he was to have me. A little bit sick of waiting around, I asked him to save it for when he actually proposes and when I was least expecting it he went down on one knee and pulled out the ring! I was very surprised and couldn’t have asked for a better setting!”

“She was amazing” raves Farhana of the couple’s chosen photographer. “The fact that she was flexible to change dates two days before the wedding was amazing! Our photos are stunning! She has such a bubbly personality, we felt very comfortable with her!”

If you are yet to walk down the aisle, Farhana shares this with you. “Wedding planning is stressful but in the end, it is going to be your day and will be special regardless of things that are out of your control.”

“It was nothing like we had planned but was perfect!” says Farhana. “Both our photographer and videographer were amazing to let us change our dates and being so flexible! Captured our special day so perfectly!”

Adorn Visuals were there on the day to film the celebration unfolding.


A big thank you Farhana & Dion. What an utter delight it was to be able to share your wedding day story. Thank you both so much and thank you to Davish Photography for sharing today’s beauty with us.