Dion & Farhana

Give me a beautiful skirt, a golden sunset, sand between my toes and a love story and well, I’m hooked.

Today, we’re sharing the beautiful Maslin beach engagement of Dion and Farhana. The pair inviting photographer Davish Photography to capture the best of South Australia’s coastline alongside the pair who plan to tie the knot later this year (with a grand reception planned for 2021). The beach a beautiful contrast to the winery setting of their wedding, explains bride to be Farhana. “We wanted to bring in both cultures (Bangladeshi and Italian) into it, so we decided to go traditional.”

It was while the groom Dion was at work, that these two first met,  says Farhana. “We worked in the same centre and we’d seen each other before but never more than a smile. One day I took my little brother, along with my parents to get his haircut. My dad asked Dion if he could order a spare hairdressers cape. When the cape came in, he brought it into my work and asked me to buy him a coffee in return.”

“I love how well we work together” tells Farhana on what they love about one another. “Coming from different backgrounds and culture, we’ve had so many amazing and unique experiences.
Our relationship is a lot of fun, we love to laugh, and we always have each other’s backs! Dion thinks he hit the jackpot with me, but really I hit the jackpot because he constantly makes me feel like he is lucky to have me every day…”

It has not, however all been smooth sailing, but the memories? The stories? So worth it! “Two weeks into our relationship, our third proper date, I left my car and keys at his house and went out for a nice dinner” reminisces the bride to be. “He talked about how we should take things slow as we saw each other quite a lot. I knew it wasn’t coming from him, but he later admitted it was his friend that told him he was getting too serious too soon and would scare me away!

When we came home after dinner, we found his house got broken into and my brand new car was stolen! After that, he pretty much had to drive me around everywhere and see me even more. It was amazing how well we handled it at the time, and we figured, if we can get through an ordeal like this so early on into our relationship, then we can get through anything together.”

And just when Farhana had resigned herself into believing Dion would never propose, he managed to surprise her! “One night after returning from an overseas trip, after expecting him to propose each day of the holiday, I’d resigned myself to believe it would never happen. Then, out of the blue, in our living room, he got on one knee, and proposed! He’d already got the ring made and intentionally left the ring at the jeweller, he picked it up the day after we got home!”