Amy & Bryan

If gold and glittering and confetti and magic dust could describe a wedding, then I think that it may just be Amy and Bryan’s modern industrial Fremantle wedding.  From Amy’s glittering gold gown, premature confetti explosions, Mariah Carey wished for first dances and endless cheese tables, these two wanted a day that was as much about the fun and the food as it was about their vows. The couple chose Aimee Claire Weddings  to capture their day.

Amy starts the story off. “We met approximately a thousand years ago (actually more like 11) at a party. We didn’t exactly rush into the wedding…”

Amy chose a stunning gold gown by Zimmermann, she tells “I knew pretty much from the beginning that I wouldn’t be going down the white wedding dress route though I was excited at the excuse to spend more than the average on a dress. I didn’t even step foot in a wedding dress shop. I was getting a little worried I wouldn’t find anything that I liked, but luckily my girlfriend was browsing online one day while we were on a holiday in America and spotted what became my dress. I loved it immediately. I actually had to email my friend back in Australia to order it online for me because I couldn’t do it from the States. It was waiting on my desk for me when I got back to work. Love at first sight.”

The couple met before the ceremony for photographs, Amy walking down the corridor to her future husband.

Of their photos, Amy tells “Aimee was amazing, perfect. What can I say? Bryan and I are so painful, we hate photos, we hate PDA’s (I think at one stage Aimee had to actually say guys can you please just touch each other). But despite all that, look what she did! We took photos with our bridal party before we went to the venue. It was great, we had so much fun.”

Amy and Bryan chose Distribution Lane  for their ceremony and reception, telling “We picked Distribution Lane because it looked awesome for a summer night wedding. It was also completely BYO which let us pick exactly what we wanted for food and drink.”

Hayley Louise Events  styled the event, enlisting Miss Chows Pizza Lounge and Tapas Addict to feed the hungry masses. Amy recollecting “My favourite part of the planning was that I didn’t do any planning. I am not a planner. Hayley from Hayley Louise Events took care of every single detail from start to finish. She was absolutely A+. I loved walking to see what she had created. As someone who spends my life hungry, I wanted to make sure people were well fed from start to finish. Hayley arranged a platter of mixed meats, cheeses and fruit by Tapas Addict to greet people on arrival. It was sensational and a massive hit.”

Amy and Bryan entered the ceremony together, the bride remembering  “There was no aisle, we walked in to the wedding together to the tune of Another Night by Real McCoy (I refuse to give up the 90s). We made the decision that we would arrive at the wedding together, spend some time saying hello to our guests and then hold a ceremony in a circle formed by our guests. It was so great. There was a slight hiccup where some of our excited guests decided to throw confetti us as we walked in, rather than after we finished the ceremony like we planned, but that just added to the mood, it felt like confetti (and the little buckets the confetti was kept in – people were really committed to throwing things at us on the walk down) was flying for an hour and Aimee our photographer got some great snaps as I attempted to shut down the premature celebrations.”

Kristy Wright  officiated the proceedings, Amy remembering “We didn’t have any readings and we limited our vows to what we legally had to say. Our celebrant Kristy had asked us to provide some stories which she turned into a lovely opening spiel. That was all the romance we needed, then it was straight into the party!”

“Bryan and his friends have a running joke about one of his groomsmen, Luke, being very Italian. Bryan had carefully selected the most Italian song he knew (Luna Mezzo Mare by Dean Martin) to play as Luke walked up to make a speech. On the night there was a mix up with the music so that song didn’t play for speech time. We didn’t think anything of it until it was played as we went up to cut the cake. It was so funny. Neither Bryan or I have even a dash of Italian so I’m sure some of our guests wondered what this Italian anthem was doing blasting as we cut the cake. I was nearly in tears laughing.”

The bride may have begged for a Mariah Carey first dance, but it was the groom who won out, Amy explaining “Given that Bryan had allowed me my 90s retrospect on the opening, I let him choose our first dance song. (That’s a lie, I campaigned very strongly for Mariah Carey All I want for Christmas is You but I was repeatedly shut down). Bryan chose Amazing by Seal. He was not discouraged when I pointed out that the lyrics might not be as romantic as the song title suggests… but it was a crowd pleaser.”

Congratulations on your marriage Amy and Bryan! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Aimee Claire Weddings  for sharing today’s beautiful wedding.