Ashlea & Dan

Pulling off a surprise proposal is never an easy feat. For Dan, it was even trickier as he and Ashlea had already agreed to get married, so it was going to be hard to ask without her knowing something was going on! Ashlea self professes that she is a fairly hard person to surprise. “Little did I know Dan had more tricks up his sleeve than I thought!” she laughs. This gorgeous surprise engagement in the orchard was captured by Sophie Baker Photography at Mt Tamborine, and the results are absolutely charming.

Of how they met, Ashlea tells, “We met in a night club.. not the ideal place! I was out with a mutual friend, and she had agreed to meet up with him. She ditched me, and I was left by myself till Dan walked in… The rest is history!”

It turns out that Dan was a little sneakier than Ashlea had anticipated, getting in touch with their photographer to ask her help in organising the surprise. “I was contacted by a friend, Sophie Baker, who asked me to do a photo shoot for a project of hers,” tells Ashlea. “Thinking I was the one that organised it all, I asked Dan to join me. During the photo shoot, he blew my mind by getting down on one knee! At first I thought he was joking, but when I saw the ring I knew this was for real!”

Dan explains how he chose the stunning location. “When I got in contact with Sophie, I asked her for recommendations for places to go for a shoot. When she suggested a place on Mt Tamborine she described it as an enchanted forest, which was perfect as I knew Ash wanted it to feel like a fairy tale. The Avocado Orchard was breathtaking!”

“Dan is the most patient man I know, and has so much kindness and grace. I love his smile and his green eyes. Everyday he tells me that I am beautiful, and that he would not change anything about me. He is a great for encouragement,” gushes Ashlea. “The thing that I love about Ashlea is that she is not only beautiful on the outside, but also the inside. She has such a caring heart and is passionate about helping people, which makes her a great nurse. I love her cute stubbornness and her big brown eyes. She is sexy!” replies Dan, warmly.