Hannah & Clinton

This intimate engagement shoot, with its warmth and sweetness, is the perfect antidote to winter hibernation as we edge into spring. Hannah and Clinton’s secluded riverside engagement, shot on the Swan River in Perth and captured by Anthea Auld, is sure to make you dream of waves lapping at a shore, soft breezes and warm sunlight on your face, as you share in the couple’s sweet story of their love.

Hannah remembers how they met and came to be. “We met through a mutual friend – we both have a big passion for horses, and this mutual friend introduced us down at Gloucester Park one evening. We instantly clicked, and within a few weeks we were dating and the rest is history!”






Hannah gushes about the dream proposal from Clinton, “We were traveling through Europe on a six week holiday, and were in Venice. Clinton insisted that we go on a gondola ride one evening after a lovely meal. I noticed he had been acting very odd but didn’t really think much of it! After a short while, Clint was on one knee in the gondola asking me to become his wife!”








“I had seen a similar shoot on Facebook and thought it would be perfect for us!” Hannah says of the inspiration for their engagement shoot. “I had asked Anthea about this sort of look, and she knew the perfect place to make it happen!”
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Of what she and Clinton love about each other, Hannah tells, “I love that we always know how each other are feeling just by looking at each other. Whether we need to talk, help each other with something or even just need a quick hug on down days, we are always there for each other no matter what! He truly is my best friend.”
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Congratulations on your engagement, Hannah and Clinton! Thank you to the lovely couple, and to Anthea Auld for sharing this stunning shoot with us.