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Dani & Tim

There is something raw and authentic about the seaside, and this engagement shoot is from Love, Katie & Sarah. Dani and Tim’s beach engagement photos focus on the beauty of their surroundings, reflecting I suppose their own story and relationship together. It’s the bare, wave crushed sand, the beaten rocks, the reflections in the water that let you lose yourself. The beach in Torquay also happens to be special to these two for one important reason – it’s where they will pledge their marriage vows in November!

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Their story goes a little like this. “It was a typical summer romance that has continued to grow and become stronger for the last 11 years.”

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On what she loves about Tim, Dani notes, “I love Tim’s laugh, it is so genuine and full of life, you can’t help feeling happy yourself. You realise you have a smile on your face without meaning too.”

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On what he loves about Dani, Tim says, “I love Dani’s unwavering enthusiasm, supportiveness and uncanny (if not a little disturbing) ability to recite John Williamson.”

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“Something which always cracks us up is that when one of us does something really nice for the other, we pretty much always end up singing the ‘Family Ties’ theme song together…Sha la la laaaaa.”

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The romantic proposal as told by Tim involves snuggly tracksuit pants, Tim telling, “I (Tim) had a ring on lay-by for about 12 months which I had been secretly paying off. Finally I made the last payment on a Friday, picked it up and set about making a dinner at home. All was going great, Dani had no idea, so much so, she had changed into her daggy trackies for a relaxing Friday night after a long day at work. I bought over some dessert and then got down on one knee and asked Dani if she would marry me. The rest is history.”

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Of their engagement shoot, Dani and Tim remark, “We really just went along with artistic genius of Katie from Love Katie & Sarah on the day. We knew we wanted them to take photos for our wedding from day one. We also knew that we were going to need some help in front of the camera, hence the engagement shoot. On the day we never stopped laughing and had such a great time. The styling and the photos that Love Katie & Sarah take are so amazing!!! Very natural, super artistic and full of love, but also sometimes a little cheeky…exactly what we wanted.”

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