Did you miss out on a photo with your mum on your wedding day?

Due to a few unexpected things that happened the morning of my wedding the one photo I didn’t get on the day was of just my mum and I. When I realised the next day I was so upset. It got me thinking why not create a photo shoot with my mum. The wedding day is so busy and goes so quickly you don’t really get much of a chance to have some one on one time with your mum. This is a chance to spend some quality time together and it’s an opportunity to wear your gown again!

Here is how to re-create the moment

1.The Dress – You have the dress ( I hadn’t had a chance to even get mine cleaned yet but you didn’t notice).

2. Hair – My hairstyle was quite particular so I decided to have it re-dyed and re styled. I spoke to my hairstylist and beautician and was able to get a special price because of the circumstances. I had the shoot mid week and I fit around their schedule. So yes here it might cost you a little money but if it’s a style you can’t do yourself then splurge a little. I also had my beautician create my mum’s hair as a bit of a pamper for her.

3. Makeup – Do your makeup yourself. If you’re not that great at your own makeup ask a family member or friend to help you.

4. Flowers – Speak to your florist and hire a Silk bouquet – yes it’s not exactly the same as the day but its more for something to hold and a bit of colour.

5. Photos – Ask a family member or friend. Most people have a digital SLR these days, ask them to come over for half an hour to shoot a few different shots.

It was a great afternoon and we had a lot of fun. So now instead of having 1 shot from the day we have 100 shots and it was some special time shared with my mum so all in all that’s priceless.

So if it was that you missed out on the shot completely, aren’t quite happy with the shot or just want to have a photo shoot with mum make it mother’s day and organise a wedding shoot for just the two of you! She will love it and the memories and photos will last forever.

Special thanks to my Beautician Claire Vingas Roma, My Hairstylist – Rebecca Paris – Green Scarf Girl, Parasols with Love and my sister in law- Taryn for capturing the moment.

 swirl large Candice and Alexs Pretty Pink Wedding

Ms Stripey says: I think any excuse to dress up and wear your gown again is a good one! Great idea Candice!

Candice (of Mackenzi Weddings & Events)  says: Every wedding as every couple are very unique, in my job as a wedding planner, I will find those special elements which makes You – You! and weave them throughout your wedding day …..I will match the very best suppliers specifically to you and create options you never thought imaginable…