Emanuel and Jessica

Our relationship began over 13 years ago after I met this wonderful young man by the name of Emanuel. I was just at the tender age of 17 and had just lost my mother to cancer not long after meeting Emanuel. Our friendship began to blossom into something much more special, not only was he a great friend but was a great source of support through the tough time I was experiencing. I found my feelings started to grow more and more each day for him. I fell in love with this handsome Romanian man and so our relationship began.

The years have brought us many laughs as well as tears but one thing has always remained the same is our love for one another. I thank god for giving me such a wonderful husband today and I am so excited to share some photos from our special day on the 1st of September 2012. What a truly beautiful day it was waking up to perfect weather with the smell of the fresh spring air and seeing the bright blue skies, I couldn’t have asked for anything else that day.

The day began with separate bride and groom preparations at different locations. The day was filled with such fun and excitement thanks to all the special people who were around us. Our loved ones were beside us every step of the way with aid of a special best man and maid of honour to ease our stress and anxieties. From the picturesque church where we exchanged our vows we then set off for our photos with Mary-Jane Photography. In exchange for us girls being able to window shop throughout the CBD the boys got to play some well deserved soccer on the way to the Casino.

Fun continued outside the Treasury Casino where the inner gangster took over. The night ended with a stunning reception at Palazzo Versace with styling by Lavish Tea Events.

It was a truly magical day for Emanuel and I and we now have some fantastic memories for life.

Ms Gingham says: A beautifully elegant wedding. Congratulations to Emanuel and Jessica.

About Jessica: “A gushing wife once bride who is so proud to share our special wedding event with others to get some great names out there in the wedding world. Registered nurse, turned business owner of Lavish Tea Events. Wanting to share in others special moments by creating a lavish experience of tea or candy and everything in between.”