Kat & James

Sometimes it isn’t about anything but the way the photographs make me feel. That is truthfully the way I select the photos that feature across Polka Dot Bride. Gut instinct if you will. I’m not sure if today’s shoot really got me because of the romantic tunes playing while I’m writing it, or the fact that photographer Jo Bartholomew captured such a quiet sense of complete and utter love for Kat & James. It takes talent to do that I think, to capture the true essence of a couple.

Jo says, “Kat & James met through mutual friends over a conversation about their love for music. Kat plays the accordion in a band and James loves to play the guitar. They have a studio in their house. We shot them getting ready at their house and then we traveled to the farm where Kat grew up. They played their musical instruments, had some wine, picked grapefruits from the trees and finished up paddling and dancing in the creek as the sun went down!! ”