How To Buttonholes – A Guide

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Today’s post has been put together by a collaboration between Nerida McMurray Photography and the very talented floristry of Aleksandra.

Nerida McMurray Photography

Keep flowers in their box in a cool, dark location away from direct sunlight, drafts or excessive heat. A cool dark laundry/bathroom or on a hot summer’s day -in the fridge would be ideal.

Nerida McMurray Photography

Traditionally your buttonhole is to be worn on the left hand side lapel (because its above your heart!) on the outside of the buttonhole, not in the actual buttonhole. Ensure that you and your Groomsmen, all wear their buttonholes on the same side.

Stems of the buttonholes should point downwards towards your toes, and the buttonhole always lies flat against the lapel.

Secure to your lapel with the existing pin and use the single pearl-headed pin to attach from the back of the lapel (behind the collar of the suit) – vertically down through the stem of the flower (like a stake).

Nerida McMurray Photography

Alternatively you can push though horizontally to the other side of the lapel.  By placing the pin at the back of the lapel, the pin will be invisible from the front.

Ensure that your buttonhole/corsage stays secure in place sitting vertically and does not swing around or move.

Having a button hole (or boutonniere) can really make a difference to the groom, groomsmen and father of the bride/grooms’s suit at wedding. It adds the finishing touch that provides a sense of style and completeness to the whole wedding party. When else do you get to wear something as beautiful as this! A small gesture like a buttonhole can speak thousands!

Aleksandra: Often our role as florists is behind the scenes, we are like magical fairies, we create beautiful arrangements and with a click we are gone! As florists we often don’t see the Bride walking down the aisle, however we often assist the groom’s party by attaching their buttonhole. This really calms their nerves, keeping their shaky hands at bay, avoiding any breakages! Other times we are not around to assist. When the photographs are released, the buttonholes are often sitting sideways horizontal, in the wrong spots on the suit jacket, on the wrong side of the body and sometimes the groomsmen have it right but the groom doesn’t! It’s a very small detail in the grand scheme of things, but it really makes the men look smart and tidy. Be sure to ask the florist or perhaps a friend who can take charge of this as their duty for the day.

Nerida: I was desperate to write a post like this with Aleksandra who makes beautiful buttonholes, in an attempt to teach people how this is done properly. I have seen lots of grooms and well meaning parents get it wrong and if you’ve never done it before it’s not surprising – it can be tricky depending on how your florist has made the buttonhole and what pins you have been given. If I’m there when the buttonholes are being placed 9 times out of 10 heads swirve and look at me “Do you know how to do this?” – “Yes” I say – but its more fun if I take pictures of you figuring it out :-). Don’t forget to pass this link on to your groom, his groomsmen and his family so they know exactly what to do on the big day!


Ms Gingham says: It’s so funny how we take it for granted that the groom and his party will just know how to put on a boutonniere when he’s probably never done it before! Thanks of the great post girls!

Nerida says: “I love weddings and I feel blessed that my job is a significant element of a very special day for people. Giving the couple their photos after their honeymoon, and seeing the delight and joy on their faces as they reminisce over one of the most memorable days in their lives, is one of my favourite parts of my job.”

Nerida is a regular contributor to the Wisdom blog with advice based articles like what to do if it rains on your wedding day. Read them all here.

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