Jess & Aaron

The smokey golden colours of this farm engagement shoot from CJ Williams Photography in Western Australia. ……there is something so quiet and peaceful about having photographs where there is nothing but golden sun burnt grass, rugged buildings and of course gunboots!

The story of Jess and Aaron is a beautiful one too, especially their proposal! Aaron an aircraft maintenance engineer and Jess a teacher, met in 2009 and are planning a December wedding.  Jess tells their tale. “Aaron and I met in one those awfully clichéd moments – we bumped into each other (literally) in a nightclub on a Friday night. Aaron said he “didn’t want any trouble”, and I told him that, in that case, he probably shouldn’t have such a cheeky grin! It took us a week to finally go out on a date, but after dinner and two hours spent talking on the beach, we both realised very quickly that we had met the right person, and there has never been a moment of doubt since.”


“The story of our engagement was a bit of a comedy of errors for poor Aaron! After two years together, we decided to head down to Margaret River for a few days, then stop off in Mandurah to go camping and crabbing for a night on the way back. There weren’t many crabs about, and at about 10.00pm, Aaron claimed that he needed to go to the toilet, and proceeded to disappear while I sat in the car waiting. We headed back out into the knee deep water, and after a couple of minutes I looked up from trying to capture a prawn to see something floating in the water. It turned out to be a ring box, taped shut, with thin wire sticking out of the corners- confusing to say the least.”

” Aaron then proceeded to read me a funny rhyme he had written about our relationship, and asked me to open the box – which I did EVENTUALLY manage to do after getting all the wet tape off it…only to discover a plastic ring! Aaron then took the real ring out his pocket, finished the poem and asked me to marry him- of course I said yes, and let him put the ring on my finger (there was no way I was going to risk dropping it in the knee-deep murky water we were standing in)!

It turns out that Aaron had secretly caught a crab in his net and attempted to tie the box to the crab (hence the wire and disappearing act)…the crab had wriggled out of its shackles and escaped back into the water TWICE before he gave up and decided to float the box past me – only for me to be so busy trying to catch a prawn that it floated right by me unnoticed! All this after having the ring hidden away for almost a year!”

“Our wedding is to be held ‘down south’ in WA’s gorgeous Margaret River region. We will be getting married barefoot on the beach at Injidup Beach, Yallingup and then continuing the celebrations in a rustic outdoor reception at Swings and Roundabouts winery. Aaron’s family lives in QLD, so we are really excited to have them flying over here for the week to celebrate with us.

We will be turning the event into a holiday with both of our large (read:massive) families, so it will be a great opportunity for everyone to have a chance to meet and get to know each other.  But the best part of the whole thing will be getting to marry my best friend, and continue on the amazing journey we have already begun together.”