Jess and Val

The romantic story of Jess and Val is a whirlwind romance. The couple’s love has only been growing for a short time, but already they have been to the other side of the world, had incredible adventures and are now expecting their first child. Together with Milk Photography, Weddings Of Desire & All Things Girlie. They set about planning an engagement shoot to capture their love. Laura of Weddings Of Desire came up with the concept of using Melbourne’s colourful lane-ways – the couple started the day at their apartment and then, with Laura’s ideas wandered through Melbourne to capture what Jess and Val love most about the city “shopping and the fabulous graffiti walls “.

Jess and Val share their story. “In Jan 2005 Val moved to Noosa where he lived 3 houses up from Jess. Jess attended the practice that Val worked at and they shared many mutual friends. They went to many of the same parties and visited the same clubs every weekend. This happened for a year and a half, yet they never met! God had different plans… it was too soon.

Three years after Val moved from Noosa back to Melbourne, he was sharing an apartment with a mutual friend, Tara. God had decided it was time…..”


“In Feb 2010 Jess had an inexorable need to leave her 3.5 year relationship, and Val just had to give up on his 2yr relationship. They were both single and fancy free. Jess came to Melbourne in April for a holiday and stayed, where else, but at Tara and Val’s place.

They ate, they clubbed, they shopped at IKEA and the spark was ignited. Alas, Jess was only there for 4 days and then returned to Noosa. But the seed had been planted and the next day Val asked Jess if she’d go out for dinner with him on her next trip down. She wholeheartedly declined at first, but was talked around to ONE dinner.”

“6 weeks later, Jess came back to Melbourne and stayed with Val and Tara again. They ate, they clubbed and on Val’s birthday, June 21st, they shared their first kiss. They didn’t realize it at this time, but the wheels of destiny had been set in motion. Soon after, Jess decided to turn her Melbourne holiday into a permanent move. She found her own apartment 500m down the road and moved in with her best friend Emily.”

“At first, both Jess and Val were very resistant to forming a relationship. Coming out of long relationships, they were looking for healing and didn’t yet realize they had stumbled onto love. For the next 3 months they fought their attraction and tried many times to go their separate ways. Then in October, Val went on a holiday to Port Douglas. It was here, trying to relax and enjoy the tropics that Val realized something was wrong… Jess wasn’t with him and realized he didn’t ever want to be anywhere without her again, he know he wanted to marry her.”

“Jess picked up Val from the airport and their relationship began! 2 months later, Val asked Jess’s parents for her hand in marriage. Not surprisingly, they asked him to wait a while. 6 months later he asked again… they said yes.

Val and Jess went on their first overseas holiday together to Cambodia. They set up a make shift dental practice in a tiny village and volunteered their time to the locals. It was here, in the stinking heat, sleeping on the floor of a thatch roof hut that they realized that not only did they want to travel the world together, but that they could. They made promises to each other that they’d travel the world and share the rest of their lives but not by themselves. It was here that they decided to start trying for a family.”

“On July 2nd, Val picked Jess up from the airport, after a Noosa holiday. Jess thought she was going home, but Val had different plans. Jess had never been to the snow, so that’s where they were going.

So they arrive at Mount Buller in the evening and Val persuades Jess to go for a walk under the clear night sky. They walk all the way up to the top of the run where no-one is around. Jess didn’t realize but Val had organized to have the area freshly groomed. Perfect for her first snow angel! So snow angels they made, but when Jess stood up, Val stayed on one knee, and after devoting himself and his love to her… asked the most important question a man can ask… “Jessica Brittany Hammond, will you marry me?”

“Jessica said yes and just as well… for the real rollercoaster was about to start. Jessica was pregnant, and yes, with Val’s child! And that’s how we met hahaha!!

Oh! first date was at Longrain- where Jess being a vegetarian for the past 3 years, was here on that night she ate duck. Talk about impressing a guy! Our baby is due 6th of February.”