Today’s groom, Wade married Pip in a beautiful Margaret River ceremony. They held their ceremony under the dappled sunlight and celebrated with guests in a simple and fun reception. I asked Wade for his wisdom and memories of the day.

Wade advises, “Not sure if all grooms feel this way but get ready for when you see your partner walk down that aisle. My wife looked amazing. I lost my breath and recovered it about hallway through the reception. Make sure you take time to suck it all in as it’s over in a few blinks. Realise that you may never get this group of people in the same room again, they are there for you and enjoy every minute.”

“While I admit that having a wife-to-be who had organised professional events in the past gave me a large leave pass, taking the time to think about what we wanted at the wedding and explaining that to people around you is important. I think sometimes people are not clear on what they want; this gives those people trying to help little guidance on what they can do. Be specific and clear and try to think of everything you can and then on the day accept that everything can go wrong and that all that matter is that you end up marrying your great love.  As long as there is a celebrant, your partner and some rings, everything else is insignificant detail.”

Photo by Photography By Emma Pointon.