Scott, Kasie and Abel

After nearly 10 years, and the birth of our son, we decided that it was time that we were married. After living together for so long, and having a child, we didn’t feel like the big wedding with all of the stress and fuss and expense that goes with it. So, we opted to have a surprise wedding to follow our son’s naming ceremony. We organised it in 3 months with some amazing vendors. On the big days, after his ceremony was over, I took Abel’s godmother’s (and my best friend) hand and lead her to a spot behind the sunken gardens. I told her that we were getting married, asked her to be my maid of honour and if she would walk beside me. I put on my veil (by YJ Design) and handed her a button bouquet made by Nic’s Button Buds.

Shoes by Pretty Ballerinas; Dress by Dolly Couture

While I was out of sight, Scott changed a sign that we had placed in front of our guests from ‘Abel’s Naming Ceremony’ to ‘Scott and Kasie’s Wedding’. With a cue that we had arranged with our photographer, Ryan David Ahern, Scott started the music (Marry You by Bruno Mars – but the Glee version). Scott met me half way down and we walked back to the celebrant together. We had written the ceremony in conjunction with our celebrant, Anne-Marie Hoyne, including our own vows. We each read a poem to each other that we had chosen, though this portion was done without microphones as we wanted to have a private moment.

I think that we managed to shock everyone, except Scott’s mum who guessed (but didn’t let on) and my mum, who had known beforehand. After the ceremony, our guests walked over to the Matilda Bay foreshore where my parents set up a picnic afternoon tea and we wandered over more slowly and had pictures taken on the way.

Cake by Sherbet Bakeshop

The picnic was casual and relaxed – exactly what we had wanted. No fuss and no stress. We still look back on it incredibly happy with how it all came together and amazed that we managed to pull it off without a hitch. For us, the day was perfect and that we were able to share it with our son made it all the more special.

Photography by Ryan David Ahern

Ms Gingham says: I’m getting the surprise party jitters reading this! I’d be a nervous wreck trying to keep this secret… a bit of a blabber mouth really… Gorgeous… Love it!

Kasie describes herself as: “I’m a 27 year old student doctor and I also teach Indigenous students Human biology and anatomy. Married to my uni sweetheart, mum to a 10 month old outrageous little boy. We’re also are trying to be a bit more charitable in our lives by buying one extra grocery item every week to donate to charity at Christmas time. And trying to find time to blog about it. 🙂 We only started that in the middle of 2011 though, so this year will be our big year!”

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