Originally posted on Polka Dot Bride, March 10th 2008

A holiday by the beach is certainly sounding appealing right now. Here’s five spots beside the water to laze away your honeymoon days.

  1. Bedarra Island


Located on the Great Barrier Reef off Queensland’s coast, Bedarra Island offers secluded accommodation for a maximum of 32 guests a any one time. With only 16 villas located on the island, each is hidden away in the rainforest. The Pavillions (pictured above) feature ocean views over Hernandia Bay with a private heated plunge pool.

2. The Cook Islands


Image from Lonely Planet

The Cook Islands are a group of 15 Pacific islands located about 3550 kms from Auckland, New Zealand. Rarotonga is the capital and there are a multitude of resorts and luxury honeymoon style accommodation options for any budget and couple. Food and shopping are aplenty, recreation is wide and varied and relaxation? It’s a requirement!

3. Broome



Image from Travel Australia

Located in Western Australian, Broome is the home of Cable Beach- a beach of over 20kms of pure white sand. A lot of history is captured at Broome with fossilised dinosaur footprints at Guantheaume Point. Broome is only a hop, skip & a jump away from The Kimberleys- a treasure trove of red desert unexplored wilderness.

4. Fiji


The tropical paradise of Fiji is located consisting of 333 islands and many different ‘groups’. Located only a 3hr 50min flight from Sydney, Fiji offers a wide range of activities including white water rafting, diving, trekking, massages, candlelight waterside dinners,

Luxury accommodation ranges from hidden villas to over water bures and the sky is guaranteed to be blue and the water crystal clear!.

5. Maldives


The Maldives are said to be where Robinson Crusoe was set, so cast yourself away and forget the city smog and traffic jams while you enjoy the deep lagoons of the beautiful Maldives.

Snorkelling, surfing and even hopping on a submarine are all part of the Maldives treats. occupying over 90,000 sq km, there are over 1,190 small islands.