I was recently sent a Sony DPFD72 digital photo frame to trial. Being new to the world of digital photo frames but with a love of photos I was interested to take a spin.

The screen on the Sony DPFD72 Digital Photo Frame is seven inches, LCD with a sleek black finish- much like the Sony Bravia TV range.

The frame allows you to save around 2000 images on it’s internal memory (or 1 gig) which you can add to via memory card, memory stick or by plugging it into your computer (cable not included).

There’s a clock display and calendar display (the increased functionality allow you to get away with it on your bedside table as a clock) and the ability to create different slideshows (my favourite was multi view which put multiple photos in a single layout), viewing an index of all photos or display a single image. You can control your photos with the included remote- deleting, stopping slideshows and changing orientation.

The frame, with it’s silver stand can be placed horizontally or vertically and photos will automatically orientate themselves. There are included instructions on screen and also via a hard copy manual (which admittedly I found a little difficult to use).

Once I figured out how to get the frame and computer to play nicely together I was able to load photos onto it of an upcoming real wedding for Polka Dot Bride This is easy to do with Iphoto but takes a little more fiddling through folders.

The colour on the LCD screen was vibrant with the 7 inch screen giving a great sized photo and clear resolution.

Digital photo frames are a really versatile piece of technology that are perfect to use at a wedding. By using photos and images you create on your computer they can serve a number of purposes and when the wedding is over you can simply delete the contents and change the function.

Here’s 20 ways I came up with to use a digital photo frame at your wedding:

1. Create a graphic on your computer and display your signature cocktail name and ingredients at the bar

2. Put inspiring love sayings, sayings from your favourite movies of favourite quotes onto the frame and display during cocktail hour

3. Share photos of your journey as a couple- the houses you lived in, where the proposal took place, your pets

4. Share photos of your life and your fiance’s life, have multiple screens and set them up throughout the cocktail hour.

5. Take photos during the wedding planning process of your dress fittings, tastings, DIY working bees and display them

6. Display wedding photos of your loved ones

7. Display the instructions for your photo booth and examples close by the location

8. Fun facts about you as a couple

9. Photos of the dreams for your life together

10. Fill with photos of your maid of honour or bridesmaids and you together and give as a gift

11. Share photos of you together as a couple over the years.

12. Fill with photos of absent loved ones

13. Utilise your monogram and show your initials coming together into one monogram symbolising the coming together of marriage

14. Showcase the definitions behind moments of your wedding day- why you chose your first dance, why you chose your ceremony readings

15. On your favor table, give instructions to guests. Having a candy bar? Instruct guests on what packaging to use and fill with sweet quotes

16. Fill with family photos as a gift to your parents with a promise of adding wedding snaps

17. Use as table numbers- instead of numbering tables name them. For special holiday destinations such as Paris – fill with photos of Paris landmarks and photos of you both in Paris. If you’re naming your tables after your favourite singers you might have a slideshow of Frank Sinatra photos for the “Frank Sinatra” table

18. Ask guests to download their photos onto your frame for automatic viewing and allowing you to have a copy of each guest’s snaps. Alternatively, attach the frame to a laptop with a card reader and have your guest’s snaps instantly displayed. (As different cameras use different file sizes you may want to hook this up with extra files and folders or provide multiple screens to help with any storage issues)

19. Show your engagement photos or bridal portraits during cocktail hour

20. Have an artist in the family- whether you yourself are handy with a pen or perhaps have a five year old niece, draw photos of your life. i.e if you’re a teacher, display an illustration of funny events in your day. Even a funny or creative illustration of your proposal, relationship moments and wedding images.