Snippet and Ink’s uber talented creator Kathryn is back today to share a few fashion ideas! Check out the first board she did for Polka Dot Groom here

Comfort: I’m sure that there are grooms who are perfectly comfortable in a tuxedo, or wearing a pink rose boutonniere, but for the rest of them, here are some ideas for keeping comfortable on their wedding day.

Clockwise from top left
1. If the venue and weather permit, khakis and no jacket will make the groom – and certainly his attendants – smile. (photo by Cooper Carras )
2. If a jacket is a must, a soft, worn-in cotton jacket is a nice option. (photo by Megan W)
3. Comfy sneakers don’t have to sacrifice style. (from Style)
4. A mint sprig boutonniere is a fresh alternative to a giant floral boutonniere. (Jo Gartin for In Style Weddings)

Kathryn will be popping up on Polka Dot Groom again soon! Don’t forget to check out Snippet and Ink in the meantime!