I clearly haven’t figured out my decorating style yet because one week I tell you I love bursts of colour and the next I go neutral. But one of the schemes I really love is a room that is white- purely white with the only interest to the eye being the different textures. There’s something pure, something calming and comforting about white.

So when Lee emailed me about a site his wife had launched that was Australian, I had to share…




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Whiteport is all about white! Founded by Sydney girl Jennifer in 2007, Whiteport is an online retail store (one of the few of its kind in Australia) selling gorgeous homewares delivered right to your doorstep and all white!

Jennifer began the site when she noticed online shopping for homewares was severely lacking in the Australian marketplace. She loves white because “Our products look equally good in a city loft apartment or a sprawling beach house,” she says.  “White products are simple, timeless and complement any colour scheme.”

A great place to visit if you’re setting up a home or looking for something special to give as a wedding gift!

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