Your sweet story

Hi! My name’s Naz!

The meaning of Manis – Manis is a Malay word translated as sweet. The focus of Manis Moments is capturing your sweet story. Photography runs through the family and I was exposed to the power of photographs at a very young age. Our home was riddled with photos and it was an adventure for me to seek out memories I wasn’t old enough to remember. I still manage to feel the emotion through the images and catch glimpses of my past this is possibly the reason why I have such a great memory from such a young age.

To summarise it all: If a photo speaks 1000 words, I would only need a handful of images to tell your story. However, there is so much to your wedding day than just the ceremony.

Getting to know Us...
Describe yourself in three words?
Calm, Fun, creative
Best wedding tip
Don't look at the camera
My favourite thing about weddings is...
The overall vibe on the day