Pre-wedding prep photos allow the photographer to capture the full story of your day. Strip away all of the details and styling of the flowers and your wedding attire, and we get to focus on the raw and genuine emotions that unfold. This is what makes your story unique to you. The wedding prep is the crucial part to telling the story of your family and the ones closest to you. It also lets your partner see what you were up to before the big event! Here is “How To Create The Perfect Pre-Wedding Prep Photoshoot!” with me – Naz from Manis Moments!

Pack & Use Pretty Robes or Pajamas For Your Shoot

Add a little glam and celebration to your wedding preparation as you get ready for the day! From celebrating together with your wedding party in matching robes with a toast, to enjoying the smooth silk of elegant pajamas. Being dressed well means you’ll start the day right. If you have the option, having robes to match your wedding theme colours creates cohesiveness in your finished photos.

Find Natural Light Sources For Your Shoot

Having natural light sources means that you’ll have soft, tender photo lighting to start the day. Whether it’s a window, a door to the outdoors, or a skylight, the mellow morning light is perfect for those quiet moments before you step out for the rest of the day. If you don’t have natural light, it’s a good idea to discuss with your photographer about available options. On the other hand, you may want moody lighting for a different vibe – again check with your photographer about how to create the look you’re after.

Clear The Clutter 

With your wedding party’s items, make-up and hair artist tools, and visitors coming to give well wishes, it can be hard to avoid a mess in your preparation room. To create calm and relaxation before the busyness of the day, having a neat and minimal preparation space will make for cleaner photos that are focused on you. You could also dedicate a specific room for photos that you try to keep clear & styled for the photos.

Use Sentimental Items In Your Shoot

Every couple has their story – so while you can get the classic shots of your shoes, jewellery, invites, outfits, and accessories, it’s okay to ask for sentimental heirlooms to be photographed on the day also. Think about items that represent your love outside of the wedding day, or sentimental items from your family or culture as a nod to your heritage.

Assign a “Runner” So You’re Not Organizing Last Minute

To save you from worrying about small details, have a trusted friend or helper to manage the time. They can help with the small and forgotten tasks, like tidying spaces you’re leaving or meeting your florist to collect the bouquets, or checking with your celebrant they’re at the right venue. This way you’re not stressed about anything and can really settle into your pre-wedding photoshoot relaxed & excited, rather than worrying about tiny details. The “runner” could also be in charge or keeping your prep area clean and clear for your pre-wedding photos!

Plan a Small Surprise For Your Partner On The Day

It’s easy to get lost in the preparation leading up to your day, but we’ve had couples write thoughtful letters to be delivered, extra jewellery or a sentimental, monogrammed accessory gifted, or have a surprise mentor show up to give congratulations. On a day that’s full of movements, letting your photographer know these details in advance means they’ll be able to help you organize the secret surprise, and make for super special pre wedding photos.

Elect a Wedding Party Member To Check Your Outfits

This extends from your pre-wedding prep shoot to the entire day! Even though a wedding day is full of joy and excitement, having someone in your team keep an eye out for flyaway hairs or rumpled outfits can save a bad photo from happening. Let them know to look out for you while you’re smiling and greeting your family and friends so you can be in the moment instead. Imagine seeing a crooked tie on a groomsman that ruins a shot! (No thank you!)

About Manis Moments: Hi I’m Naz! I’m a destination wedding photographer based in Perth, Western Australia. I work under the name Manis Moments. ‘Manis’ is a Malay word that translates to ‘sweet’. My passion is to capture those sweetly unexpected moments from a wedding day. I plan for composition and wait for emotions to complete the story. I like to allow moments to unfold genuinely.