Watermelon Pink

A delicious mid pink with a hint of orange perfect for summer or autumn weddings. Combine with black, magnolia and touches of pale blue or green. With pale Tiffany blue and latte. With pale sky blue and sand. With olive green and off white. With spring green and off white. With pearl grey and magnolia and accents of deeper watermelon pink. With soft yellow, cream and touches of spring green. With champagne and soft aqua. With whites of different hues – off white, magnolia, bright white, cream. With magnolia and a soft slate blue. A jumble of pinks – watermelon, hot pink, purple mid pink, pale pink with white. With pale apricot, magnolia and grass green. With chocolate brown, stone and deep red. Think watermelon edged roses, peppercorn berries, pale apricot tulips, grey leaves, sage green leaves, green orchids. A juice bar of watermelon juice, citrus juice, green melon and kiwi fruit juice, mango juice. Sorbets or granitas – all the above flavours. Melon balls, melon salads with mint or cheese shavings or olives and feta, prawns, smoked salmon, red and orange papaya, blood oranges. Read more...
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