A delicious mid pink with a hint of orange that is perfect for summer or autumn weddings.

Combine with black, magnolia and touches of pale blue or green

– With pale Tiffany blue and latte

– With pale sky blue and sand

– With olive green and off white

– With spring green and off white

– With pearl grey and magnolia and accents of deeper watermelon pink

– With soft yellow, cream and touches of spring green

– With champagne and soft aqua

– With whites of different hues – off white, magnolia, bright white, cream

– With magnolia and a soft slate blue

– A jumble of pinks – watermelon, hot pink, purple mid pink, pale pink with white

– With pale apricot, magnolia and grass green

– With chocolate brown, stone and deep red

– A beach wedding accenting shells of al shapes and sizes, bamboo or white furniture, watermelon accents in lanterns, watermelon coloured candles in etched glass holders, strings of shells with watermelon coloured beads, watermelon and sand coloured crockery, fluttering ribbons in a myriad of different shades of watermelon

– Etched glass, mercury glass, clear glass vessels

– Watermelon edged roses, peppercorn berries, pale apricot tulips, grey leaves, sage green leaves, green orchids

– Juice bar of watermelon juice, citrus juice, green melon and kiwi fruit juice, mango juice

– Sorbets or granitas – all the above flavours

– A lolly bar with every imaginable pink, orange and green lolly you can find

– A cupcake tower made of square cupcakes frosted in watermelon and chocolate, embellished in dark red, coral and coffee colours in a combination of wondrous designs – each an artwork in themselves

– Melon balls, melon salads with mint or cheese shavings or olives and feta, prawns, smoked salmon, red and orange papaya, blood oranges

– Paper filigree in table runners, placemats, wrapped around clear glass candle holders or napkins

– Team with gold, silver, brass, pewter, burnished brass or gold

– Dark furniture, stone-coloured cloths with watermelon details in embroidery, edging or braiding, old bottles scattered randomly containing a mixture of autumn leaves, berries and dried wheat, beaten silver platters, burnished metal lanterns, stone fireplace with a burning fire, twig baskets

– A country wedding with a vine-covered pergola or large old trees draped generously in sheer fabrics of watermelon and your other wedding colours floating in the breeze, paper lanterns or strings of lights, seating areas around the grass to relax on

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Watermelon margarita from Feasting On Art via Elizabeth Anne Designs, Bridesmaids gown from Monique Lhuillier via The Brides Cafe, Macaroons from Me Hungry! Swirls Watermelon by Fresh Squeezed by Moda from JK Quiliting Fabrics,