Tuesday Type

There’s a slightly medieval feel to Yana font. Imagine this in invitations based on the tones of Autumn as shown – reds, Marsala and oranges. Or in silver on a pale blue or white invitation – embossed with snowflakes. The heavier font suits the more sombre seasons, inviting you to celebrate with friends and family

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An open swishy font beautiful in its simplicity but with a power oozing from the swirls and flourishes. Beloved delivers style and elegance as well as whimsy – now that’s amore!Beloved is available from My Fonts.

If you’ve ever written with a fountain pen, then you’ll have had a taste of the joys of writing with pen and ink. And besides the beauty of the pen itself, makes you want to write beautifully. Dipping a scratchy school pen in an inkwell however, demands precision and dedication to achieving perfect lettering without

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The name for this font comes from Edvard Grieg’s ‘Solveig’s Song’. Solveig is a quiet, refined font which would look elegant on navy or black card with silver, copper or gold lettering – very elegant! Keep embellishment to a minimum with this font – and let it shine as the star that it is!Solveig is

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I like Snackbar™ for its fresh script with an old fashioned feel. Icecream carts, daisy bouquets and gelato colours on a warm summer’s day – now that would be a lovely occasion to have an invitation to.Snackbar™ is available from My Fonts.

In homage to the funky decade of the 70’s, Funkydori is reminiscent of bell bottoms, funky fashion (Merivale and Mr John anyone?) and great music – rock, reggae and disco. Get your inner rock chick going and play around with bold colours, add this curvy font – and you’ll channel your inner Abba or Jackson

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Turquoise is based on brush stroked Roman letters and so has a lovely simple and clear quality to it. Turquoise would look especially lovely in invitation suites with hand-drawn watercolour maps, or on tags that wrap up those welcome gifts for your guests.Turquoise is available from My Fonts.

Blend consist of 21 different styles of lettering within this family of fonts. There are also some very cute ornaments such as lovebirds and cupcakes, so you can really go wild and add your personality to invitations, blackboard signage or even a monogram for your wedding.Blend is available from My Fonts.

Picture this bold definite script on navy blue cardstock in silver, gold or pearl white. Kestrel Script is ornate but not too frilly and will appeal to the refined and restrained amongst us. Just add a fine double border around the text and you will have invitation that sets the elegant style of your wedding.Kestrel

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Soft colours, blossoms, nature inspired – all the things that sing of the warmer months of the year. Maris™ is perfect for a garden soiree, colourful frocks and Pimms sipped under large shady trees. A lovely way to celebrate a wedding on a warm afternoon.Maris™ is available from My Fonts.

My favourite thing in fonts – swirls and curls! Reina has this in spades and would be perfect for simple black and white invitations to an elegant formal wedding.Reina is available from My Fonts.

Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. Snow Cone Pro is a fresh playful font perfect for summer wedding invitations – a beach or garden wedding? Just perfect!Snow Cone Pro is available from My Fonts.

How can you go wrong with Lamar Pen™? Old fashioned hand writing beautifully sloping all the one way, precise in all its glory. Try this font on kraft paper cardstock in brown ink with some fine gold embellishments and let the font do the talking.Lamar Pen™ is available from My Fonts.

If only we could all write as artistically as this! Blog Script looks as if someone has just picked up a felt tipped pen and written randomly and not too evenly on the page – rather like jotting down thoughts. Appealing in its uneven and casual style, this font would look great on a boxed

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What a delightful font Bookeyed Martin is with its ‘pen and ink drawn’ quality. Whimsical and quirky it would be as perfect on blackboard signage as on invitations for a garden or backyard wedding. Combined with garlands of flowers or leaves, its whimsical nature is even more enhanced.Bookeyed Martin is available from My Fonts.