Tuesday Type

In this family of font styles, PhotoWall Regular is my favourite with its neat curliness. We think it would look lovely on an invitation to a semi formal wedding where it sets just the right tone for the occasion.PhotoWall is available from My Fonts.

With a natural hand drawn and friendly look Carin is the perfect font for a casual invitation to a beach or backyard celebration.Carin is available from My Fonts.

Touch Me is a spontaneous unstructured script perfect for an occasion that isn’t too formal but has a touch of the bohemian, wild and free.Touch Me is available from My Fonts.

Syrup™ is a sweet playful script with two different fonts to mix and match to make a really creative invitation for your event.Syrup™ is available from My Fonts.

Tidy Script is a cursive style font that is, well, tidy. This would be great for signage and blackboard lettering – no-one could mistake the directions.Tidy Script is available from My Fonts.

Did you ever write lettering with dots attached to the ends of the letters? Charmante™ reminds me a little of those times, but ten times better! This most charming of fonts is perfect for wedding invitations – easy to read, simple and clean but with loads of style.Charmante™ is available from My Fonts.

A gorgeous simple font, Canterbury Sans™ is the perfect font if you want to include a lot of words in your invitation suite – maps, your story, directions for example. Easy to read and stylish, this font would look great on a plain coloured card in white or black ink.Canterbury Sans™ is available from My

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Petunia is as sweet a font as the name suggests. Created by a person known in the wedding industry, this family of fonts means that you can mix and match the font styles across your invitations.Petunia is available from My Fonts.

How would we describe LiebeLotte? Easy to read, simple and clean or just charming? All of these and more because the designers of this font want it to look as if you’ve sat down with a pen and written a note. Perfect for summer invitations.LiebeLotte is available from My Fonts.

A beautiful script to end our year with. Burgues Script is full of flourishes, curves and delightful delicacy. When you want to make an impression this script is more than perfect – fall in love with it like we have!Burgues Script is available from My Fonts.

Sunshine Daisies is a playful and whimsical font. Picnic birthday invitations, a invitation to a backyard party or a casual occasion where sunshine is the main ingredient for a perfect day.Sunshine Daisies is available from My Fonts.

A casual almost roughly drawn font Modern Love is the font to use when you want to send an invitation that is not formal, stuffy or in any way full of high expectations. Just party food, good company and lots of laughs.Modern Love is available from My Fonts.

Kobold is a flowing font which would look great kept clean and simple on an invitation where the cardstock quality and colour is allowed to shine, with embellishments kept to a minimum.Kobold is available from My Fonts.

What a bold, assertive font Bouquet is! Yet at the same time the curvy letters have a soft feel and would make very stylish lettering for a wedding invitation.Bouquet is available from My Fonts.

“Delikat is a graceful, finely crafted, slinky, slightly retro, somewhat quirky script font.” So reads the description of this font. We think that it’s also whimsical, delicate and feminine – perfect for an invitation to a girly celebration or hens party celebrated at a high tea event.Delikat is available from My Fonts.