Is there a childhood Aussie treat that is more romantic (if a treat could be romantic) than our old favourite coconut ice? No-bake, no fuss, minimal allergens with creamy sweet deliciousness. This one is such a winner and turns out, makes a pretty good wedding favour!

We’ve put a twist on this delicious favourite by layering pink and white together (for a somewhat “gourmet” look) and cutting our pieces of coconut ice into heart shapes. Package them up into acrylic boxes with a touch of ribbon, and you’ll have guests truly in the mood for love. Enjoy our Creamy Coconut Ice Heart Favours Tutorial!

Ingredients & Materials:

  • 395 grams (one can) of condensed milk
  • Three and a half cups desiccated coconut (or for a more ‘coconutty’ texture use shredded coconut like we did – the freshness and quality of the coconut does actually make a taste difference)
  • Two cups icing sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon Cream of Tartar
  • 2-3 drops red food colouring
  • Cookie-cutter in your choice of shape
  • Sprinkles – you can find lush sprinkles like these at cake decorating stores. We chose tones of pink and red for ours in different shapes and textures (with a few hearts to stay on theme).
  • Perspex boxes to fit your piece(s) of coconut ice
  • Ribbon


Step One

Combine icing sugar, cream of tartar and condensed milk in a large bowl. Stir until very well combined.

Step Two

Add coconut and stir again until combined.

Step Three

Split the mixture into two, and leave one half aside (this is your white layer). For the other half, add pink food colouring and stir until well combined. Split this pink layer in half again.

Step Four

Now it’s time to build your slice! Line a container (a slice pan works well for this) with baking paper and press down one of the halves of your pink mixture. To make your layers smooth, place a sheet of baking paper on top as you flatten the mixture.

Step Five

Next, add the white layer and press until flat.

Step Six

Then, add the last of the pink mixture, pressing until flat to form the top pink layer.  Top with sprinkles (you can also add these after you’ve cut your shapes as we did).

Step Seven

Leave in the fridge to harden overnight, or for a minimum of two hours.

Step Eight

When set, cut out shapes from the mixture using your cookie cutter. If you haven’t already, top each piece with sprinkles.

Step Nine

Package in acrylic boxes and tie with coloured ribbon.