I know this might be a weird photo for those on the other side of the world where summer is shining. But the beautiful Autumn colours captured by Natasja Kremers Photography in this photo of Felicity and Andrew’s wedding (see more here) shone like gold to me.Photo by Natasja Kremers Photography

Gemma Clarke sent over some beautifully dramatic photos from a recent engagement shoot for Ronald and Coobe she did in Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building (A beautiful historic building home to some amazing Australian designer boutiques) .I love the beautiful windows and Coobe’s dramatic purple gown.See more from the shoot herePhotos by Gemma Clarke Photography

I loved this shot of Raymond and Kathy at their wedding (see more here) captured by Pixel MagixPhoto by Pixel Magix

The traditional dress of an Indian wedding never fails to take my breath away. The colour, the beading, the detail is amazing. This shot from Jimmy & Dripan’s wedding (see more here) shot by Ruby RIdeout’s Dazzling Images floored me this week.Photo by Ruby RIdeout’s Dazzling Images

I love this sweet vintage bridal shoot by Trish at Tea Lily Photography.The gorgeous wedding gown is from Vinnies!See the full shoot here. Happy Saturday! Photos by Tea Lily Photography

I love this photo from the wedding of Kendall and Andy (see more here) by Della Chen Photography. In her big white wedding gown Kendall is ready to go!Photo by Della Chu Photography

I love the drama in this photo by Kent Marcus Photography of Pete and Tamsin on their wedding day (see more here). The lighting makes the photo look like a piece of art.Photo by Kent Marcus Photography

This photo of Amber and Ashley as captured by Aksent Photography made me feel like I was seeing something out of a musical! I have no idea of the story behind it, but I love it!Photo courtesy of Aksent Photography

There is something purely beautiful about this photo captured by Jonathan Wherrett. The vivid blue, the newlyweds Holly and Ben (see more here) only just visible at the end of the pier. How magical!Photo by Jonathan Wherrett

I adore this photo of Alicia and Alex (see more here) at their wedding last month captured by Justine Rugers of Xsight Photography. But what I really want to know is if Alex is wearing his kilt the traditional way! Photo by Justine Rugers of Xsight Photography.

I love this touching moment between Amy and her mother at her wedding to Ana. (See more here) There is nothing like the warmth of a mother’s hug. Captured by Leigh Miller Photography.It’s Mothers Day today! To my own mother, the most compassionate, strong and beautiful woman that I know, I love and admire you

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This shot captured by Wildberry Photography of Michael and Brooke’s wedding (see more here) captures their large and lovely bridal party.Photo by Wildberry Photography

This photo by Smash Photography looks like it could be straight out of the 1950s. What a stylish bride!Photo courtesy of Smash Photography

Photographer of beautiful weddings Elizabeth Messina launched Kiss The Groom on Valentine’s Day. The blog is filled with short love stories of weddings, couples, babies and lovely photography to accompany it. The perfect site to lift your spirits, make you go gooey inside and make you sigh over the romantic and beautiful stories. I especially

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