The Tropical Issue is all about embracing the sultry heat and the celebratory feeling that comes with long summer days. When it comes to wedding colour palettes, tropical themes offer a huge array of choices that can capture the essence of paradise.

From bold and energetic combinations to soft and serene pairings, tropical colour schemes can set the perfect mood for your special day. Whether you’re planning a beachside ceremony, a lush garden party, or simply want to infuse your celebration with a touch of exotic flair, these colour palettes will inspire you to create a wedding that embraces every bit of the tropical fun.

Pink & Orange

Vibrant and playful, pink and orange embrace all the fun of a tropical mood. This bold combination evokes images of stunning sunsets and exotic blooms, perfect for a fun-filled beach celebration or a cheerful tropical garden party. The warmth of orange paired with the softness of pink strikes a beautiful balance.

Photo by Kitty Loves Love via Courtney & Al’s Colourful DIY Wedding in Matilda Bay

Yellow, Pink & Blue

This charming trio brings together three bright and beautiful tones that create a joyful and refreshing palette that’s ideal for a whimsical tropical wedding. The combination feels both playful and sophisticated, offering a perfect backdrop for a celebration that works beautifully for both daytime and evening events.

Flowers by The French Petal Photo by Cloud Catcher Studio via  Christie & Isaac’s Bright Whimsical Wedding at Fins at Plantation House

Green, Taupe & White

Elegant and natural, the combination of green, taupe, and white brings a sense of calm sophistication to your tropical wedding. This palette echoes the beauty of palm fronds, sandy beaches, and foamy waves, creating a serene and timeless atmosphere. It’s perfect for couples seeking a refined tropical look that doesn’t overwhelm, allowing the natural beauty of your venue to shine through while adding just the right touch of tropical flair.

Photo by Sundown Film and Photography via Tropical & Modern Outdoor Engagement Party Ideas

Coral Red, Orange & Pink

Bursting with warmth and energy, coral red, orange, and pink create a vibrant and passionate tropical palette. This combination captures the essence of tropical flowers in full bloom, perfect for the sultry warmth of a tropical celebration. It’s an ideal choice for a sunset beach ceremony or a colourful fiesta-style reception.

Photo by The Raw Photographer via Lizzy & Ivan’s Bright & Colourful Beach Wedding

Soft Blue & Taupe

This gentle combination of soft blue and taupe evokes the serene beauty of calm seas meeting sandy shores, perfect for a refined beach wedding or luxurious island celebration. The soft blue brings a touch of dreamy romance, while the warm taupe adds earthy sophistication. Together? This combo is beautifully elegant.

Header & above photo by Joanne Keighery Photography via Blue Styled Shoot Inspired By Tropical Waters

Magenta, Blue & Pink

Bold and beautiful, the combination of magenta, blue, and pink creates a tropical palette that’s full of depth and drama. Perfect for couples who want to make a statement and create a wedding vibe that’s both romantic and bold.

Photo by Jess Nicholls via Sarah & Lach’s Tropical Luxe Bali Destination Wedding

Pink, Yellow & Blue

Soft and dreamy, pastel pink, yellow, and blue create a gentle tropical palette that’s full of charm.  It’s ideal for couples seeking a more subtle tropical vibe, perfect for a relaxed beachside brunch wedding or a sweet garden ceremony. This palette offers a fresh and airy feel that’s both romantic and delightfully fun.

Photo by Photogerson via Hollie & Lewis’ Colourful Beach House Wedding

Black, Grey & Neutral

Sleek and modern, the combination of black, grey, and neutral tones brings a contemporary edge to tropical wedding style. This sophisticated palette allows the natural beauty of your tropical setting to take centre stage while adding a touch of urban chic. It’s perfect for couples who want to balance the lush surroundings with a more refined aesthetic, ideal for a stylish evening celebration or a minimalist beachfront ceremony that lets the stunning location speak for itself.

Photo by Carly Tia Photography via Modern Island Dreaming Tropical Wedding Ideas

Green & Gold

Lush and luxurious, green and gold create a tropical palette that’s both natural and glamorous. This combination is perfect for couples who want to embrace the tropical theme while maintaining an air of elegance and sophistication with a little sparkle. This palette works beautifully for both indoor and outdoor venues, adding a touch of magic.

Photo by Bulb Creative via Tropical Luxe Wedding Inspiration

Green, Magenta, Orange & Blush

Vibrant and eclectic, the combination of green, magenta, orange, and blush creates a tropical palette that’s full of colour. It’s ideal for couples who want to fully embrace the exuberant spirit of the tropics, perfect for a fun and festive celebration in  any venue, from beachfront to garden setting.

Photo by Alma Photography via Julia & Jarrod’s Bright Tropical Bali Wedding