If there was one thing we learnt from The Colour Issue, it was that we need more colour in our lives, and in our weddings, so Christie and Isaac’s? Well, it’s just about the very best way to spend a Thursday. Because for these two, it was a definite must to have a day that, as Christie says was “Relaxed, vibrant, grounded & a fairytale”. And to be honest, I can’t tell you which part I love the most – the coral pink peonies, the absolutely stunning (and colourful!) floral ceremony backdrop, or Christie’s own ear to ear grin! Luckily we don’t have to decide, with every beautiful moment, every detail caught on camera by the team of Cloud Catcher Studio.

It was definitely not love at first sight for these two, admits Christie. “It’s a funny story actually. We met 7 years ago whilst we were both in other relationships. In fact, we used to go on double dates together!
I was studying a bachelor of science with Isaac’s ex-partner and became friends.”

Isaac chiming in “Our friendship didn’t last too long and it was almost a year later that we both found ourselves single. In an attempt to ‘take her mind of the recent breakup’ I asked if I could take her bowling one Friday night as ‘friends’. I wish the story had more to it but honestly… the rest is history.”

It was on a holiday to the Pacific Island nation of Samoa, that was the scene for Isaac to ask Christie for her hand, she shares “Isaac proposed to me while we were on a holiday in Samoa. He organised a private dinner on the beach surrounded by candles and at sunset while the waiter was taking a photo of us, got down on one knee.”

Christie was head over heels for her Rue de Seine gown, noting “I chose to wear the beautiful “Medina” Gown by Rue de Seine and felt like an absolute goddess. It was so classically elegant with cape-like sleeves, hand-sewn lace, a low back, tassels everywhere and tiny mirrored sequins that sparkled in the sun. I felt so completely myself in this dress and couldn’t have dreamed of anything more.” Christie outfitted her bridesmaid’s in saffron yellow dresses from Linen Handmade Studio.

Comfort was key to the groom, who finished his chic look with a patterned bowtie from Peggy & Finn. Christie telling “Isaac wore natural linen trousers with a classic white shirt and suspenders and a bowtie by Peggy and Fin. He wanted to feel comfortable but also smart so this was the perfect match. It was a hot summer’s day so we all needed to be cool and comfortable.”

The couple, guided by their photographers chose to meet before the ceremony for photographs. “The photographers were Cloud Catcher Studio and they were incredible!” exclaims Christie. “They captured our fairytale wedding with such ease and presence and we hardly even noticed them there! I adore every single photo and feel that they perfectly captured the atmosphere and joy.”

The French Petal created the most beautiful rainbow hue’d floral details for the day. “The flowers I left completely up to The French Petal to style because had so much trust in her” tells Christie. “I gave her a brief of jungle, texture, bright, fairytale vibes and she nailed it! Oh, and I wanted an oversized luscious flower crown which was more than perfect. They were my favourite part of the wedding.”

Stunning coastal venue Fins Plantation House was just what these two had dreamt of for their day, the bride noting  “We knew our venue was the perfect one the moment we saw the 200-year-old poinciana tree. It was our one dream to get married under a huge tree so this was perfect. This venue is also mostly outdoor and beautifully jungle like so that just ticked every box for us.”

Christie walked down the aisle with her father to “Groovin’ Slowly” by the John Butler Trio.

A relaxed vibe was just what Christie and Isaac wanted for their ceremony, and they briefed their chosen celebrant Erin Woodhall to make it all that and more. The bride remembers “We wanted the ceremony to be super relaxed but we wanted everyone and ourselves to just be present and calm and enjoy every minute. We wrote our vows and our celebrant Erin Woodhall made sure that it was completely down to earth and even funny at times.”

Christie made sure to add tokens of the women she adores, sharing “I wore a brooch that my mum, and her mum both wore on their wedding day. I also wore a ring that belonged to my father’s mum. This was one of the most important things to me. I wanted to walk down the aisle with the strength of the women in my family.”

Photos before the ceremony? That decision allowed plenty of time to party, a decision well made, advises Christie. “Just enjoy every minute and if you can get your photos done pre-ceremony so that once the ceremony ends its party time and you can enjoy every minute with your guests!”

Food, drink and flowers were what these two focussed on. “For us, we were most excited about having an amazing food and drink spread from the oyster bar to the lychee and espresso martinis.
We also wanted a huge floral installation over the bridal table to feel like we were feasting under the plants and the florist created an absolute beauty!”

In an utterly romantic moment, the newlyweds took to the dance floor to Elton John’s “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”. “This was our perfect fairytale song” notes Christie.

And let’s be honest, we love the pictures, but these two? They were lucky enough to have Cloud Catcher Studio shoot not just the stills of the day, but also this magic film!

Congratulations to you both Christie and Isaac! Your wedding was such a delight to share! Thank you also to the folk at Cloud Catcher Studio who shot these amazing images!