Join us down the rabbit hole and experience Lucy and Andrew’s enchanting wonderland wedding. Take a sip of their love potion, craft a custom love confetti mixture, and sit back with Penny Lane and Manifred purring away on your lap. We can’t imagine a more perfect venue than Eleven Eighty and the magical willow trees this couple married beneath. With Jeremy Becker capturing the mystic and wonderland vibes of the day, this couple celebrated their Alice in Wonderland-inspired wedding!

Lucy and Andrew met as roommates, quickly growing to love each other and rarely spending time apart. Only when Lucy had to leave for a Euro trip did they have to part, and Andrew made the most of it for his grand gesture. “We had yet to experience a formal date together as we had been keeping our relationship discreet as roommates, so to introduce our relationship to the world, Andrew orchestrated an impeccable first date by secretly travelling across the globe to meet me in the city of love. He had invested so much time and thought in curating the perfect evening for us,” Lucy explained. “It began with a stroll along the enchanting cobblestone and ivy-filled streets of Montmartre, leading us to dine at the most charming restaurant on the hill, La Maison Rose (‘The Pink House’). The meal was exquisite with the owner exuding so much kindness throughout, reminding me of being around my mum. We concluded and made our way to a secluded bar Andrew had discovered. Along the way, he unexpectedly paused in front of a picturesque garden and confessed his love for me. Although I was momentarily distracted by a passing dog that I couldn’t resist patting, I soon refocused and reciprocated his affectionate gesture – these were sentiments we had both been eagerly waiting to express to each other for a while; it felt incredibly special to finally do so. A few more steps led us to catch a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower’s mesmerising light show. We then finished off the evening with a few drinks at the bar, nestled by the garden. It was nothing short of perfection.”

Their engagement was no less enchanting, showing sparks of the magnificent wonderland wedding waiting for them. “Our engagement story captures the essence of who we are – meaningful, laid-back and a little awkward. We love to travel and were headed back to Koh Phangan to share the places we had fallen in love with a few years ago with my sister and her partner. Unfortunately, we missed our ferry to the island by a few minutes, which surprisingly brought tears to Andrew’s eyes (which he tries to deny to this day). I thought he was upset about letting us down as he was in charge of planning our trip, but it turned out he had planned to propose that day to ensure he got in before we were exhausted from the full moon party later that night.

Arriving later in the day in Koh Phangan, we didn’t have much time for any activities before the party. Luckily, I didn’t have a wild night due to an upset stomach, while Andrew, with his youthful resilience, was ready to explore early the next day. As I was getting ready, I casually joked to Andrew that I wasn’t looking my best as I had paint in my hair from the night before and my clothes needed a wash. I said it didn’t bother me, though, as we had no special plans that day. He paused and asked, “If we were doing something nice, would you want to be wearing something different?”. This sparked my curiosity, so I approached my sister for reassurance; she simply assured me that it was just Andrew being his odd self. Confused, I decided to borrow one of my sister’s clean skirts to pack just in case.

We enjoyed breakfast at one of our favourite spots before heading to an off-the-track beach we had stumbled upon during our previous visit. We arrived early – my sister and her partner were moving slower due to the previous night’s festivities. With the extra time, I went to find a bathroom. Upon returning, Andrew commented, “Oh, you haven’t changed…if you were going to change at some point today, now would be a good time”. That’s when I had a strong inkling of what was about to happen. We both became incredibly awkward; Andrew was sweating, and we sat in anxious silence while waiting for the others. We embarked on the hike to the beach, where Andrew knelt down and popped the question. We laughed and cried, and I got excited one of the first things I showed my ring to was a wild pig nearby. It was very us.”

Andrew wanted to wear a suit that was non-traditional in colour but would instead complement their shared love of nature. With the help of the team at Woolcott Street, his vision came to life at a bespoke fitting. Together, they designed an emerald suit lined with satin fabric and adorned with native flowers. He finished his look with brown boots to match the earthy tones of the venue.

Wanting to celebrate their wedding with their loved ones close by, they had a large wedding party of 12. The comfort of their party was the MOST important thing to Andrew and Lucy, so they opted for a mismatched, eclectic vibe, which gave them the freedom to choose whatever they wanted to wear. The only contrast was, they must say, within the colour palette of rust, latte and chestnut – chosen to harmonise with the earthy tones of the willow trees surrounding the venue and the rustic ambience of the day.

And when we say those closest to them, that includes their two beautiful kitties—Penny Lane and Manifred. “Having our cats present was a non-negotiable part of our day. They’re integral to our lives, especially with me working in animal rescue. It was essential to include them as a meaningful part of our special day,” said Lucy. “With some leftover fabric from my dress alterations, we shaped Penny Lane’s tulle collar, complete with a ring holder sewn from the lace in my top. Manifred looked dashing, perfectly matching his dad’s green suit. Their paw prints not only signed our certificate but also left an everlasting imprint on our wedding day.”

Lucy thought finding her dream dress would be challenging, as she wouldn’t describe herself as a traditional bride – but with some luck, she stumbled across the contemporary bridal label Harta by Anita Tamati. “Her collection resonated with me instantly, emphasising feminine lines, unconventional silhouettes and delicate fabrics – a modern take with a subtle attitude towards bridal wear. The option to mix and match pieces to express my individual style appealed to me, so I sought out her stockist in Sydney and picked out my pieces. Unfortunately, I was one of the unlucky brides affected by the sudden administration of The Bridal Atelier, discovering only three months out of our wedding that not only had I lost my deposit, but my dress was never ordered with the designer,” she explained. “I reached out to Anita herself and was blown away by her immediate care and compassion over the situation. She promptly placed my order and provided support for our financial loss. Looking back, connecting directly with her turned out to be a blessing – she is truly a beautiful soul! I couldn’t be happier with how perfectly her pieces suited me. The long sleeves of the lace top paid a heartfelt tribute to my mum’s wedding dress, and the tulle skirt seamlessly matched our whimsical theme.”

She had another dress, a mini, for the cocktail portion of the night – and we’ll get to that beauty later! While they weren’t aiming for a traditional wedding, Lucy still got her something old, borrowed and blue in the form of a ring gifted by her mum. The stunning piece was crafted from airplane metal, with an opal centre, a creation from her grandfather during the war for her grandmother.

Their venue, Eleven Eighty, almost felt destined for the couple, accidentally stumbling across it on a trip down memory lane. It had the exact whimsical Alice in Wonderland twist they were looking for, allowing them to create their special day down to the final details. The heritage-listed, refurbished schoolyard was the perfect all-in-one venue they needed to make the day as inclusive as possible (for all human and feline guests!).

To kick off the celebrations, the party opted to have an intimate reveal before the ceremony in the charming School Masters House. Neither Andrew nor Lucy could help tearing up at the sight of each other, and the magic of the moment only continued as they shared it with their wedding party and parents. “A few minutes into the reveal, the collective squeals of excitement made us turn our heads back to the staircase. To our surprise and delight, there was Penny Lane, dressed in her full wedding attire, making her way down the stairs. She paused, perfectly poised, creating her own reveal. It was the first time Andrew had seen her in her outfit, and as proud parents, we couldn’t have imagined a more perfect and heartwarming moment!”

Even though the ceremony had yet to begin, their celebrant, Briony from Love Burnes Celebrancy, was already going above and beyond to create their perfect day—flawlessly fun, wonderfully quirky, and full of so much love. “She took the time to get to know us, sharing our love story better than we ever could and supporting us through all the nerves and planning leading up to it.”

They chose to do the legalities and sign documents before the ceremony in a bed with their cats as witnesses! “This allowed us to savour the moment and focus on enjoying the rest of the day with our guests. The cats had a special role in signing our marriage certificate, adding a personalised touch to the occasion.

The main flower Lucy chose for the day was the flannel flowers, which are significant to both Lucy and her mum and represent inherent beauty and strength. “I felt its delicate nature would seamlessly blend with our whimsical theme. After numerous trips to the flower market, I was able to secure a supplier and organise the remaining floral arrangements around them – choosing stand-alone flowers with a quirky twist and incorporating plenty of moss to create a seamless base and gracefully wind around chairs, books and our sweetheart table, creating an enchanting ambience.”

Her bouquet was designed by a native flower florist from BESS in Paddington, while her wedding party bouquets were put together by her mum – made up of long-stemmed flannel flowers.

Their enchanting wedding was almost entirely DIY. They sewed over 150 meters of fabric for table runners, meticulously hand-frayed 80 serviettes, and personally typed handmade name tags! Lucy even created dried floral table pieces, adding an additional touch of enchanting, rustic charm. “Having a DIY wedding added a delightful dimension to the planning process, offering us complete control over the theme and ambience of the day. Every detail was a labour of love! We even got to play mixologists, curating our own delicious cocktails for our love potion shots.”

Andrew’s favourite memory from the day was their enchanting ceremony – and how magical it was. “The memory of our wedding that I will always remember will be our perfect and beautiful ceremony. In the hours leading up, I was struck with nervousness as the gloomy weather threatened to overshadow the aisle. However, it managed to hold out and leave me with the most amazing memory, which I will cherish forever. From the beautiful florals which were set up that morning by Lucy, to our furry ring bearer Penny. From the heartwarming vows to our first kiss as husband and wife, our ceremony was as magical as I could have hoped.”

For live music, Lucy and Andrew had the Fifth Whiskey Band playing tunes all day long. For the ceremony, they played three songs. The first was “Never Tear Us Apart” by INXS as the wedding party walked down the aisle. Next, Lucy walked down the aisle with her mum to “We’re Going To Be Friends” by The White Stripes.

The ceremony took place under the enchanting willow trees—pure magic! Not being able to wait, Lucy and Andrew kissed as soon as she arrived, followed by an Alice in Wonderland-inspired “drink me” shot of their custom love potion. Throughout the ceremony, they included little playful elements, like a game of rock-paper-scissors and exchanging personalised vows from the original 1898 edition of Alice in Wonderland. Our favourite part was their adorable ring bearer – Penny Lane!

“In the midst of the enchantment, I momentarily forgot which finger to put Andrew’s ring on! Concluding the ceremony, we walked hand-in-hand with Penny Lane while guests showered us in confetti handpicked from our ‘love’ ingredient station. The confetti cones, fashioned from pages of Alice in Wonderland, added an extra touch of nostalgia and uniqueness!” As they walked back down the aisle, “All You Need Is Love” by The Beatles was played.

After the ceremony, it was photo time – back where it all began. “While on the search for the perfect venue, we were headed back to Sydney after viewing another place. My mum, who was with us, suggested a different route home – a road she used to travel along as a child. After a few minutes along this road, we caught a glimpse of the barn doors that welcome you to Eleven Eighty. Without hesitation, we turned the car around, parked and explored further,” they recalled. “We fortunately ran into Reanah, the Venue Manager, who happened to be there for a photoshoot. Even though the venue hadn’t officially opened for weddings at that time, she graciously guided us through. Right then, I envisioned us standing in front of those barn doors, celebrating our love. It’s surreal to see that vision come to life!”

What were their top five favourite elements of the day?

“1. Including our cats in every part of our day, from getting ready together to signing our certificate and having them by our side at the end of the aisle.

2. Briony, our celebrant, guaranteed that our day was pure magic and centred entirely around love.

3. Opting for a reveal and signing before the ceremony enabled us to bask in the intimacy of the moment and spend more of our day together.

4. The effort invested in planning the wedding and doing most of it ourselves made the process not only more memorable but enjoyable.

5. Cherishing and sharing the day with my soulmate, best friend, and now husband!”

Jeremy Becker was the photographer for Lucy and Andrew, and he couldn’t have done a better job capturing the enchanting feeling of the day. “We felt incredibly fortunate to have Jeremy capture our special day. His exceptional talent, coupled with his warm, patient and humorous nature, not only alleviated our nerves but also captured every moment of our day brilliantly. Every guest showered him with compliments for being both professional and personable,” Lucy explained. “A delightful surprise came when Jeremy handed us a handful of prints of our day before the night concluded. This gesture held profound meaning for us, especially since we had mentioned our lack of confidence in front of a camera. Flipping through these prints washed away any worries we had. The day flew by, but Jeremy’s skilful photography ensured it became the best day of our lives, preserving all the special moments for us to cherish for a long time to come.”

Andrew and Lucy chose the culinary wizards from Wandering Woodfire Oven for food. “Wes and his family were responsible for keeping our guests’ bellies full with smiles on their faces. Opting for pizza as a delightful alternative to traditional wedding catering, Wandering Woodfire Oven surpassed expectations in taste and service. Their old Land Cruiser added a rustic charm that perfectly complemented our celebration!”

Remember that mini dress we mentioned earlier? Well, as the reception rolled around, it was time for Lucy to switch up her look. The dress from Aston Bridal struck the perfect mixture of flirty and fun, and she was ready to dance the night away!

One of their favourite vendors was Fifth Whiskey Band, who they had booked before they had even booked their venue! “The moment we witnessed Michael, the lead vocalist and guitarist, along with his drummer and saxophonist perform, we knew they were a perfect match for our day. From the ceremony to the reception and onto the dance floor, they infused every moment with energy and fun. They kept the atmosphere alive, ensuring our guests remained on the dance floor all night long, even learning and performing songs outside of their setlist.”

While Lucy and Andrew share a love for dancing, being in the spotlight made them a bit nervous. So, to keep things light-hearted, they chose a song close to their hearts and invited their guests to join them. Twisting and hand-giving to Chuck Berry’s “You Never Can Tell”.

Congratulations, Lucy and Andrew! Thanks for taking us down the rabbit hole with your enchanting wonderland wedding! And thanks to Jeremy Becker for capturing this beautiful day.