Hands up, do we have a few Bridgerton fans out there? Are your honeymoon dreams full of English estates and elegant tea parties? If so, it’s 99% likely you tuned in to watch Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. While the recent Bridgerton prequel spin-off divided the fandom, there’s no doubt that the hair was on point and the scenery was spectacular. It’s a study in lust, dramatic dialogue, and plenty of passion, but it’s also open and honest about love, which really does come in all shapes and sizes.

Rumours have run rampant through history about Charlotte’s husband, King George III, and Monkey Island Estate has its own connection. The historic hotel in the middle of the River Thames is just down the road from Windsor Castle and was believed to be home to King George III and his pet monkey (hence the name) while he was unwell. There are other ideas about how this little inlet received its unusual name, but it’s a connection I can’t get out of my head during my stay. That’s likely because I’ve literally just finished watching Queen Charlotte but hey, here we are.

Crossing the bridge to the small islet on foot is like stepping back in time. A pretty royal blue barge is moored to the banks – it’s actually a floating spa, more on that later. Through the trees and across the manicured lawn, you can see straight across to the other side of the river. This is a tiny island, with just two buildings. The Temple building houses our room for the night and The Pavilion, home to the bar, restaurant and Whisky Nook we’ll also spend plenty of time in, date back to the 1700s.

Monkey Island Estate is your own mini Bridgerton come to life. Extensive renovations mean we drink local sparkling wine under beautiful murals in The Pavilion and at night rest our heads under a dramatic Wedgwood-style blue and white plaster ceiling. The ceiling is the special feature of the extra-special Wedgewood Suite. Neptune and sea creatures look down from above, a crowning glory to the decadent wood-panelled room. Beautiful as they are, they do have to compete with views out to the grounds from the many windows on the walls of the unusual octagonal space. For me, once my eyes snag on the deep freestanding bathtub, I’m torn. It’s a honeymoon room-worthy feature, that’s for sure.

Notch up the romance with a stroll across the grounds to the hotel’s custom-built barge. You won’t go anywhere, but that’s okay. The barge is permanently moored to the island where it plays the very important role of a Floating Spa. There are just three treatment rooms aboard, each with its own port hole windows, a wheelhouse waiting area and a mini apothecary. Who knew so much bliss could be packed into such a small space? Monkey Island Estate is owned by YTL Hotels, who are well known for their wellness offerings, and this is no different. I bliss out on a water bed of all things. Stretched out on the massage table, with Aqua ‘cushions’ underneath me, the signature Floating Massage does feel like I’m floating down the Thames as I drift off to sleep.

Back in Bridgerton days, they might not have had access to aqua cushions, but it’s easy to imagine couples partaking in a spot of croquet on the lawn, or even better, sitting down to Afternoon Tea in the Monkey Island Brasserie. We skip ahead to dinner and spend the evening tucked away in a corner booth. Afterwards, a nightcap in the Monkey Bar might be in order. We stroll back to our room under the stars, with the Thames flowing around us, and this feels like a little bolt-hole of English paradise. No matter the rumours, if this is where King George III spent his days, I’m sure Queen Charlotte would have never been far away.

Honeymoon, yes, but you can also get married on the island. We’re only twenty minutes from Heathrow Airport, but you step onto the bridge and into your own little world. Have your wedding in the garden, your reception in the Brasserie, and even better, if you’re making a big splash and spending over 55,000 pounds, YTL Hotels will host your honeymoon at a sister property. Spend an entire week at one of their Asian resorts.

Lisa was the guest of Monkey Island Estate 

About Lisa Perkovic: Lisa has spent the past decade travelling the world writing for Australia’s leading newspapers, magazines, and blogs about all things travel. Her own honeymoon was her pièce de résistance – an epic journey to the Maldives and South Africa. Now she loves nothing more than sharing destinations and tips to help other newlyweds work out how to have the honeymoon of their dreams.