Eliza and Olutola’s vision for their big day was to experience a complete state of relaxation, where they could simply revel in the joyous moments without any worries. And guess what? They got exactly what they wished for! Oh and throw in a dash of pink and sparkles (Eliza’s favourite!) and photographs by Chalk Photography and you’ve got a delightful way to spend a Saturday.

Eliza and Olutola chose the city registry office for their ceremony, ditching traditions like a wedding party and first dance, and wandered the streets for their photographs; there was no fuss and no stress- exactly as they wanted it.

After meeting online, Olutola tried his luck asking Eliza out for a date, only to have her turn him down, She laughs “A few weeks later, I asked him out for a date, and he begrudgingly accepted. Neither of us was looking for a relationship at the time, but we found our conversation to be stimulating, so we have been inseparable ever since really.” And those laid-back vibes? They continued with the decision to get married. there was no big proposal for these two, instead after many discussions, they decided they wanted to start planning their wedding so they better tell their family and friends!

The couple wed at Brisbane Registry Office and this forms part of Eliza’s advice. “Choose places that plan everything for you” she laughs. “We chose both locations primarily because they were inclusive of everything, and we pretty much had to show up! All of my vendors were great! ”

Eliza walked down the aisle on the arm of her father.

“We can both write well, so we wrote our own vows,” notes Eliza.

Eliza wore a stunning sparkly gown, she tells “My dress was relaxed and sparkly. As plus-sized gal, it was surprisingly difficult to find what I wanted in brick-and-mortar stores, and even online in Australia. I ordered a dress from the UK.”


The couple hired Chalk Photography to capture their day, says Eliza “She was very creative and took risks with her shots. It was a fun time! Us stopping the traffic was cool!”

The couple celebrated with their guests at flower adorned Rose Room. “The Rose Room is very fitting for a pink lover such as myself” admits Eliza. “It  had the flashy and colourful vibes of a Nigerian/Yoruba wedding, without the size of a Yoruba wedding.”

The couple chose to have minimal flowers, but what they did have was a bouquet of pink blooms for Eliza made by Sweet Moments Florist. “I chose a dried bouquet, which has pride of place in the living room decor. It is simple and has a pop of bright pink.”

There wasn’t even formality when it came to dancing- Eliza and Olutola instead made magic dance moments with family and friends. “We didn’t have a first dance, but my dad and I danced to At Last by Etta James” remembers Eliza. “I also loved dancing with all the kids who came, especially to Barbie Girl.”

Congratulations on your marriage Eliza and Olutola! Thank you for sharing your day with us. Thanks also go to Chalk Photography for sharing today’s beautiful photographs with us!