For Paris & Bonny, they wanted to be able to honour their culture and heritage, while getting back to nature. And that they did! Because their intimate wedding, with a culture-filled ceremony led by Jamie + Cara – Brisbane City Celebrants, was set right in the heart of a forest-filled Brisbane venue and when we say this one is bold? Let Bonny’s beautiful red gown, which was a nod to her heritage, do all the talking (thanks to the images captured by Good Moments Wedding!).

The couple first met on a dating app, sharing “Paris had been on it for way, way too long, but Bonny had only signed up a mere month before she met Paris. As soon as Paris saw Bonny, he thought this was going to be something special. As soon as Bonny saw Paris she knew that the guy is of perfect height. As the evening went by, both Paris and Bonny were so indulged in their conversation, that they did not notice the time had flown by.

When the waitress of the restaurant they were at mentioned they were closing for the night, Paris and Bonny were shocked and sad that the date was nearing an end. Later, Paris walked Bonny to the train station where they shared a goodbye kiss. Paris tried to take things further but Bonny shot him down! Bonny smiled and said until next time then boarded the train.”

Bonny won Paris over by baking him a cake. “No girl (other than his mother, aunty, and grandma) had ever baked him a cake before and so when the surprise cake came out, Paris was helpless to resist. Not long after Paris started shopping for an engagement ring, he consulted his friends, and his parents and finally found one he liked around June 2021. From then Paris kept looking for the right moment like in the movies, but after 2 months he quickly realized, that was never going to happen and it was getting riskier carrying the ring around.

Eventually, he got tired of waiting and engineered an impromptu short getaway at a remote resort and it was there that he popped the question on one knee. Bonny’s first answer was a loud, resounding “WHY!?”, followed by lots of crying, before eventually saying “Yes of course!”.”

The couple not only chose Good Moments Wedding to capture their stills but also a film of the day unfolding.

“Paris just wore a tailored suit” tells Bonny of Paris’ attire. “He did, however, commission a vest made out of handcrafted batik from Indonesia, his home country. It looked splendid with the suit.”

Bonny opted to wear traditional red, finding a red lace gown at Forever Bridal and Formal.  She tells “I went for red attire as it meant warmth and good luck. It is also tradition to wear a red dress on the wedding day. Since the wedding was in Australia, it was hard to get anything specific that I particularly liked. A red traditional dress was too traditional and a white gown was too plain. I ultimately found a red gown that was perfect and tailored a red overskirt and red veil to complete the attire. It was unique and perfect.”

The flowers, arranged by a friend, held a sentimental nod to the couple. “One of our best friends  handmade the flowers for us” note Paris & Bonny, “They included lillies and a chrysanthemum. Lillies are Bonny’s favourite flower and chrysanthemum is Paris’ mother’s favourite.”

Bonny walked down the aisle with her brother.

Dreaming of a day that was “Nature, forest, rustic, lakeside and lots of greens”, Walkabout Creek fit the bill! The couple chose the nature-filled spot for both their ceremony and reception.

Paris and Bonny had a vibe they wanted the ceremony. “Intimate, non-religious, personal, and with a hint of cultural elements.” They chose  Cara of Jamie + Cara – Brisbane City Celebrants to make it happen.

The couple shares this advice for those of you still planning: “Just take it one day at a time, but try to do something each day. No matter how small or big of a wedding you plan, it will be perfect. Because you will have each other by your side.”

The couple’s favourite part of the day? “We had to hide in the darkroom after our photo shoot while the guests were still outside the room mingling just before the reception. We had to get out a friend to corral the guests into the reception room while we hid quietly in the dark. The special part was we both were alone and it was quiet. Our first very moment as husband and wife.”

Guests enjoyed an evening reception, kicked off with a fun first dance – a mix of two of the couple’s favourite songs “Shallow” by  Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga which was mixed into the bride’s favourite –  “Despacito”.

Congratulations on your marriage Paris & Bonny! Thank you for allowing us to share the day and to Good Moments Wedding for the images. Special thanks to  Jamie + Cara – Brisbane City Celebrants for sharing this story with us.