Your wedding photos and the film will (hopefully!) last forever, creating and preserving stunning memories for you and your partner to look back on and reminisce about for many years to come. So it’s only natural that you want them to look incredible right? And for your wedding theme to shine through and compliment the whole day. Luckily for all you pastel lovers out there, Chris from Lovereel Film + Photo believes that pastel colours are going to look fantastic in your wedding film and photos by default! Chris has given us some of their most memorable pastel weddings to get some ideas on how this soft hue can work in YOUR wedding in “Pastel Inspiration For Your Wedding Film” for The Pastel Issue

Image of Dan & Jen’s wedding by Stories With Mel

Firstly, check out Neree’s pink and purple wedding dress – it certainly stands out in the film not only because it’s a beautifully coloured dress, but it’s in stark contrast to the more traditional white, so it’s naturally going to draw more eyes. The pastel-coloured flowers are seen throughout the day, and the post-ceremony confetti shower, all help brighten up Neree & Samuel’s wedding film and photos, bringing it to life through clever use of pastel colours… even their guests were all “pastelled up”, keeping the colour scheme consistent throughout their entire film (dress code is important).

Video of Neree & Samuel’s wedding by Lovereel Video + Photo

Kaddie & Jacob’s wedding film kicks off with the girls in pink pyjamas, demonstrating the importance of wedding attire not only for the ceremony and reception but also for the couple’s preparations, thus keeping the palette consistent from the very start in the morning through to the end in the evening. Their ceremony location itself is pastel too, with a sandy hues path, wooden archway and light-coloured flowers. Even their reception venue is adorned by pastel colours, from the tablecloths and serviettes to the cakes.

Video of Kaddie & Jacob’s wedding by Lovereel Video + Photo

Images of Kaddie & Jacob’s wedding by Images by Sophie

Whilst Anna went with a more traditional white for her wedding dress, the boys made sure to inject some pastel with their suits and ties, and the bridesmaids each had different colours with pastel pink and green. Their reception tables were nicely decorated too, with various pastel-coloured candles and trinkets.

Video of Anna & Clinton’s wedding by Lovereel Video + Photo

It’s pastel from the get-go with the bridesmaids in light pink robes and Jen in white. Even the tall light brown and green grass surrounding them brought some gorgeous natural pastel colours to the table, which just goes to show, your surroundings can also play a very important role in colouring for your wedding, and subsequently, your wedding film and photos (we can only capture what you put in front of us). The bridesmaids were all prepped in pink dresses for the ceremony, and Daniel and his groomsmen in cream, blue and white. The chapel they tied the knot in and their reception building both had rendered sandstone and wooden beams, giving a Tuscan feel which was perfect for their pastel-themed wedding. The wooden barrels seen during their reception were also a very welcome addition (decorations make a huge difference and can transform your wedding film and photos into something truly special).

Video of Jen & Daniel’s wedding by Lovereel Video + Photo

Images of Dan & Jen’s wedding by Stories With Mel

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