We really do adore serendipitous moments! Salina and Mackinley’s meet-cute is one straight out of a favourite rom-com, and we’ve definitely fallen for them and their gorgeous wedding that followed. A stunning day, captured by Lightheart Films & Photography, held at Enzo Weddings in the Hunter Valley and complete with elaborate white florals, candlelight, sparklers & and an epic smoke machine first dance! Salina tells us about how they met (swoon!) and their wedding… 

We actually matched on Tinder however we never spoke to or messaged each other. One day, I was on the train going home after work. Mackinley had finished work earlier than expected that day and went shopping to buy a suit. He got on the train to go home, walked up the carriage stairs and it was there he saw me. We locked eyes on each other and in a lightbulb moment, both of us thought “Hey! That’s the tinder guy/girl!” and then we both immediately looked away and hid in different corners of the carriage. It was only later that night that we messaged each other to confirm if that was us on the train. We then proceeded to text for the next few days before Mackinley asked me on a date. Surprisingly it wasn’t the usual train nor the carriage that he catches, it was all coincidental. And that’s how it started!

The proposal happened in December 2020 at Napa Valley outside San Francisco. Mack and his brothers decided to have a family trip to the US that year for Christmas and New Year’s. We both love our wine and wineries (that’s why we wanted to get married in the Hunter Valley), so Mack’s plan was to propose somewhere in Napa Valley. He had this great plan formulated in his mind. With help from his brother, he was able to organize a private tour at a winery. Everyone was supposed to be having a picnic, although Mack didn’t quite think it through as it was in the middle of winter. He had bought shirts for himself and his 2 & 3 year old nephew and nieces with each having one word from the phrase “Will You Marry Me?”. The plan was that we would all be having a picnic with the kids sitting nicely in a row while I was distracted elsewhere, then end up walking into the picnic and seeing them there with the proposal.

Well, what actually happened was – it rained a lot in the days prior to the proposal, so we couldn’t have a picnic at all so we had to adjust, which meant Mackinley’s proposal plan had to adjust!

The guide opened up these great big doors that opened up to a lookout, and I, still not knowing what was going on, was filming an Instagram story. Nixon started playing the song “Amazed” from his Bluetooth speaker which I thought was just a nice touch from the venue (STILL didn’t know what was going on). The kids were being kids and not complying with what needed to be done and were either sulking because they were forced into doing this proposal or running all over the place – it was complete mayhem. But finally, I caught on when I noticed everyone else standing aside, filming both of us. Mack mumbled the words “Salina, September 9th, 2015 was a day that I will never forget. It’s the day I said I love you and I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you so much… Will you marry me?” I heard nothing of that message because of all the chaos – loud music, kids crying and screaming, and being emotionally overwhelmed with what was happening. I did manage to say yes!

My dress was an off-the-shoulder fit and flare lace dress from Christina Rossi. Despite trying on many dresses, I eventually went back to the very first dress I ever tried on. It just fit perfectly!

Our wedding was held at Enzo Weddings in the Hunter Valley. They have hands down the best wedding team ever! When we arrived at Enzo’s for a venue tour, we met with Mel (one of the owners) and she is the most dedicated, hard-working, and committed owner ever. Mel was the reason why we choose Enzo as we knew the entire wedding process would be seamless and that they would be with us every step of the way. Mel was also our celebrant and she crushed it! Everyone commented on how beautiful and unique our ceremony was. Amii (Enzo’s wedding coordinator) and the entire Enzo crew made sure everything was taken care of and that everyone was having a great time!

I walked down the aisle to “The Love You Give (Acoustic)” by Christina Novelli.


Lightheart Films & Photography were amazing at directing us on the day. They knew which location and angle would take the best photos. They made sure every shot was perfect and caught the best moments!

We decided to keep the florals classic by only having a mixture of crisp white florals and greenery. Since it was a winter wedding, we wanted a mixture of winter greens, baby’s breath, and roses, and were created by Still Life Floral Art.

The whole Enzo Weddings team was super attentive, were always there for us and we never needed to ask or worry about anything. Our drinks and food were never too far away and they always made us feel special and taken care of!

Our first dance was choreographed by me to “This I Promise You” by Anthem Lights.

Thank you to Salina & Mackinley for sharing their beautiful day with us, and to Lightheart Films & Photography for letting us take a glimpse into their gorgeous wedding with their stunning photos.