Sometimes the sweetest, simplest days truly are the most moving. Nisha & Kshitij’s Intimate & Heartfelt Registry Weddings Chapel I Dos are definitely a testament to that sentiment! According to their photographer, WG Photography, their wedding was a wonderful celebration of love between Nisha and Kshitij – the couple was smiling a lot, laughing, and having so much fun on their special day. Nisha was stunning & spontaneous, and Kshitij was calm, collected, and cool. Nisha tells us about their love story and wedding day… 

Every love story is special and ours is no different. Living in the same city, hanging out in the same places, and even studying in the same college during our undergraduate years, we never met. But as they say, some things are beyond our control. We both independently decided on Australia, were enrolled in the same course, and even had the same group of friends. Both being polar opposites of each other, we of course didn’t get along at first, and then when I came to India for my semester break, conversations sparked, and then there was no stopping us. We have been together and in love for well over 3 and a half years and are still exploring new things DAILY! As all our friends say, we live in our own HAPPY BUBBLE!

In 2020, both of us knew that this is it – we knew we were HOME with each other. But then COVID hit us and with it followed the adversities and responsibilities. However, we had tickets to go home and just wanted to exchange rings in the presence of family and friends but due to another lockdown, our plans were scrapped. So, we decided to have an elaborate Hindu-style engagement ceremony and party in Melbourne in the presence of our friends and the virtual presence of our family. About 10 days prior to the ceremony, I got a call from our common friend and he wanted me to come over for the “Engagement Dance practice”, meanwhile Kshitij said that he wanted to go play football with his other gang. At this split second, I got a feeling that maybe something was being planned but kept quiet. I think Kshitij just knows me too well, so he started applying sunscreen and I was convinced that maybe I’m too Bollywood for this situation and it’s a regular evening so I rushed to my friend’s place and practiced but they wouldn’t let me out of there. Then finally, when I entered our apartment lift, a friend was waiting with a blindfold and I was guided to the restroom. As soon as I took the blindfold off, I saw my make-up, heels, jewellery, and even a new dress all ready! I was asked to change and blindfold again and go out. And then, there were huge balloons reading “WILL YOU MARRY ME” and beyond that was my Kshitij – dressed in a white shirt, down on his knees. It was just the way I wanted it to be, with all my friends at our home! Just so much love all around. What he said to me lives in my heart rent-free and I can just sum up to say that he loves me and he knows I love him.

Our photographer, Jay from WG Photography, was the BEST PERSON! We had so many detailed conversations and he remembered every detail of what I wanted. Also, it was so beautiful how he captured our entire relationship in those 3 hours! All of our photos were wonderful, but especially when I’m crying and laughing together; of course with Kshitij in front of me.

I chose a simple, elegant white off-shoulder with a pretty shoulder pin gown for the event. I had seen millions of catalogues before narrowing down to the style I would prefer and when I wore the dress during my try-on, I knew I wanted to get married in this. My dress was from Be A Star Bridal.

Kshitij wore a 3 piece (black) tuxedo with a black thin tie. He just went with whatever suited him the best during try ons!

We had the wedding at a chapel that was suggested to us by the registry. No place mattered on the day – just US.

The flowers were actually a gift from my best friend. Being a Hindu myself, I am not aware of the what’s and what not’s so, based on my outfit, she gifted me the ones I had on the day.

The song I chose to walk down the aisle was a HINDI Bollywood song – “Dekha Hazaaro Dafaa” – this song is a pretty fairytale tone song. The fact that Kshitij couldn’t wait for me to complete my walk and literally came to take me the rest of the way was so special! And his extreme attempts to hold back his tears!


The ceremony was a simple Christian chapel wedding. Just the two of us and our fairytale. We did the general vows as well as some of our own vows at the ring ceremony. I included the song “Bittersweet Symphony” in the ceremony because every time the song starts, I think about Kshitij


We danced at the reception to our song “ek Tu hi Yaar Mera” which means you’re my best friend, my everything.

Our advice to other couples would be to communicate with each other in the wedding planning process.

Thank you to Nisha & Kshitij for sharing this sweet wedding day with us. And to WG Photography for their beautiful images.