Today’s newlyweds Christina and Greg spend much of their life together bush camping or fishing, getting back to nature and enjoying the peace and quiet. So when it came to planning their wedding, there was no doubt in their minds that it had to honour exactly who they are. “We wanted something super relaxed and something that would fit our personal style” explained Christina. “We are usually out bush camping and/or fishing and wanted something that fits and reflects who we are and what we love. Our wedding covered our relaxed style and our bush/beach lifestyle.”

Handing all of the planning and the work over to wedding planners Elope to Ningaloo and capturing of the moments over to Blue Media Weddings meant that even the wedding planning was laid back for these two! “I think for us the whole day was magical and we were just so happy to be taking this step together and having our loved ones there to share it.”

And before we tell their wedding day story, we need to start at the beginning – a story that sounds like it should have unfolded well before it actually did! Christina explained “Greg and I were meant to be set up years earlier, by Greg’s brother, who is also my best friend, it never happened. Then it was mentioned again (the set-up) by Greg’s brother, and so I decided to take matters into my own hands and added Greg on Facebook and we just clicked and haven’t looked back since.”

Greg asked Christina to marry him, aptly, on the beach! “Greg took me to a beach here in Hedland and started playing a song (which would end up being our ‘walk down the aisle song) and then he got down on one knee. It was perfect!”

The couple worked with Elope to Ningaloo to completely plan their day. “We chose a package from Elope to Ningaloo and one of their Beach Packages. We wanted something relaxed and not too over the top, It was perfect! I’m so glad we chose to have our special day with them and on the beach.

The whole Elope to Ningaloo team is amazing!!! We loved having the Elope to Ningaloo team support us and putting together such a beautiful ceremony, photos and atmosphere for us.”

Staying true to himself, Greg wore coral orange shorts, a palm-printed shirt and his favourite hat. Says Christina “Greg isn’t a fancy bloke, he likes to be comfortable and is mostly seen with his cowboy hat on!
So we decided on a casual white shirt and shorts that would compliment the bridesmaid’s dresses. (Which was a rust/deep orange) And of course, he had his cowboy hat on.”

Christina was walked down the aisle by her father to the sound of “Wrap your arms around me” by Gareth Dunlop.

The wedding ceremony was beautifully relaxed and officiated by Exmouth Ningaloo Weddings. Says Christina “Our ceremony was lovely. I love thinking back about it, it still brings a smile to my face. Hilary, Elope to Ningaloos Celebrant, also adds this calm and gentle presence to the ceremony too which I really loved.
I just wanted it to be relaxed and I wanted everyone to feel the love and to be in that moment with us. We wrote our own vows, which was nerve-wracking at first, but so so worth it!”

When we asked Christina her greatest advice, she had this to share. “Just don’t overthink the whole wedding ceremony and planning. Have fun with it, go with the flow, laugh, and be in the moment.
I would definitely recommend a smaller wedding, do something different, reflect your lifestyle.”

“I loved when Cat, our photographer from Blue Media Weddings who is part of the Elope to Ningaloo Team, took us to the Pindan spot… it was stunning, it matched our outfits, it matched who Greg and I are… and it’s hard to choose a favourite! She did an amazing job of capturing us all!
I do love the guy’s group shots and Greg standing solo amongst the red dirt, but I love the couple shots also!”


Even Christina’s beautiful gown held a treasured story. “My Aunty Helen actually offered to make my dress and it was just perfect! It’s more special because of who made it. My dress was a beautiful flowy lace gown, it had a bit of sexiness but was classy and I just felt so beautiful in it!
I sent her ideas of what I liked and what she came up with was perfect for the beach, my taste, and everything! I’ll always cherish my dress!”

The coupled adored their photographer. “Cat! She’s amazing!! And I have to applaud her! She has this amazing knack for organising everyone and making us feel comfortable but also just making it fun! It was so much fun working with her And will forever be grateful for the photos!”

The bouquet of Australian natives was left to the wedding planner. “We wanted Australian natives, yellow and orange tones. Jess, the stylist from Elope to Ningaloo, helped me choose, it was so easy” explains Christina “I told her what sort of flowers we wanted along with the colours and she ordered the most stunning arrangement.”

Instead of a traditional reception, Christina and Greg invited family and friends back to their holiday home for a casual celebration. “We didn’t have an official reception and agreed that we weren’t first dance people” explains Christina. “But one of the songs we did choose to be a part of the wedding was Missy Higgins’s “Futon Couch”. And when it came on at our little gathering, Greg came and grabbed me and I guess it turns out that was our first dance, haha and it was great! We had our First Dance to that song as everybody cheered along in our dining room! It was fun and quite sweet!”

Congratulations to you both Christina and Greg! Thank you for sharing the stories of your day with us and thank you to Blue Media Weddings for sharing this beauty with us.