We love turning to the pros when it comes to nailing certain trends or ideas for wedding days, and our directory members really do know their stuff, so we decided we’d be nabbing some images & ideas for how to get the perfect champagne-style picture from those who really are the experts. We also get some insider ideas on how to properly celebrate using bubbles – even after your wedding has long gone! For The Champagne Issue, check out Pull Off A Champagne Celebration With The PDW Directory Family!!

Lauren from The Farm Cafe provided us with the below image of Erin & Ben’s wedding – a glorious champagne tower for inspiration. Stand side by side, or hop on either side of the tower – whatever look you’d prefer. Pour at the same time or take turns dispensing bubbles onto this glamorous tower. Champagne towers are such an elegant element to any wedding day (or celebration for that matter!), so we’re not surprised we’re seeing them pop up at so many nuptials. If you’re a fan of champagne, this is one for your day!

Image: Erin & Ben by Love Bomb

Matthew of Stone & Wool Photography says a cracking champagne shot needs three things!

1) The cheapest nastiest champagne you can find. They always go off better than the expensive ones.

2) A couple or wedding party that isn’t afraid of trying the unknown because, unless you have won an F1 race, when will you ever practice spraying champagne in your day-to-day life??

3) And lastly, a photographer who knows how to put it all together in a memorable experience plus isn’t afraid to put themselves in the line of fire!

Images: Stone & Wool Photography

And from Dani Bartlett Photography

“For the love of everything glorious, do not shake the bottle before popping the cork! It’s a recipe for disaster that will just result in a lackluster spray. Instead, WAIT – cork out & keep thumb over the top while you shake OR get yourself a photographer who knows how to do it right!”

Image: Dani Bartlett Photography

Experts in the art of celebration, Jamie and Cara of Brisbane City Celebrants share all their favourite reasons to celebrate by cracking open a bottle of bubbly!

Champagne is the ultimate celebration drink, and there really is so much to celebrate in life. It’s easy to take a breath of relief as you achieve that milestone, or goal then straight back into focusing on the next goal, instead of relishing the achievement and living in the moment. We love making a conscious effort to pause and celebrate our achievements and successes, both business and personal. Here are some of our favourite reasons to celebrate with champagne!

Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

Our wedding took place 5 years, to the day, from the day we met, so being a double anniversary it’s extra special to us. We love planning something extra special to celebrate our wedding anniversary, which often includes heading away somewhere nice to relax, unwind, enjoy beautiful dining experiences, and of course ample celebratory champagne.

Several years after our wedding, one of our favourite champagnes – MOET Rose – released vintage editions, from the year of our marriage, 2008. We stocked up and now we get to enjoy a bottle of vintage champagne that is the same age as our marriage, on every anniversary. It’s always fun enjoying the champagne and seeing how it evolves each year as it continues to vintage, much like us and our marriage!

You could easily do this with your favourite bubbles or wine, or perhaps there’s a bottle from the region where your marriage took place, just check it’s a drop that vintages well first!

Celebrating Milestones

Aside from anniversary celebrations, perhaps you have a goal you’ve set that you are close to achieving, or a major milestone you’re about to smash – does it deserve a celebration? We think so! Perhaps it’s a new role or promotion, perhaps your business has achieved a major milestone, or maybe you’ve met a health goal. OR as a couple, you’ve bought a house, booked a holiday, started a business, or met a savings milestone – there are so many reasons to bring out a bottle of bubbles to celebrate. Life is too short not to celebrate all the feel-good moments, big and small.

Get that special bottle of champagne chilled and ready to pop and celebrate your success!

Images of Jamie & Cara: Kaitlin Maree Photography & Still Wild Love / Champagne Picnic Styling: With Love 

I think the main thing about getting the perfect champagne tower pour or champagne spray shot is all about timing. Talk to your photographer/s about if you have your heart set on it, see if they’ve already achieved this at other weddings, and what their take on it is. Chances are they’ll have already done a few and be old hat at it, so all you need to do is 1,2,3 – pop or pour!