It as actually at another wedding where Karli and Ange first met. Although the pair didn’t reconnect for a conversation until months later, when they did, there was no question it was meant to be. The proposal is an as equally charming story, it’s casualness and ease are part of what you’re going to fall in love with about these two. Says Karli of the tale “Ange was travelling to Auckland and I found the jeweller I wanted to use, so I just sent her an appointment time and said have fun!”

The pair, who yes, had to postpone their wedding thanks to COVID, invited just sixteen of their closest family members to join them on the day, a day they wanted to be intimate, fuss-free and modern. By picking their favourite street in Wellington as their host, and choosing Patina Photo to capture the magic, we can easily say they nailed their brief!

The couple had a distinct spot in mind for their wedding- something personal and reflective of what they love, they share, of choosing Suite Gallery for their ceremony “It was important to both of us to get married in Wellington, and we fell for the idea of having the wedding on Cuba Street somewhere.
{Suite} is an Art Gallery in a heritage building on Wellington’s Cuba Street. The sculpture yard is an urban oasis in the heart of Wellington lined with huge, iconic Westra photographs.”

“We had a very simple but meaningful ceremony. ” tell Karli and Ange of their decision to be married by Jo Randerson, “We just wanted it to be intimate and enjoyed by our family.”

The couple chose their son Oscar to acting as the ring bearer. for the day “We wanted him to be involved. He was our best little man.”

“Ange’s Mum, unfortunately, got sick! So we had friends step in each end to live to stream it into her bedroom! I think we still owe both of them a drink for that!”

Ange donned an elegant emerald green silk wrap dress from Shen, while Karli wore a two-piece black wool suit from Helen Cherry that she paired with a crushed velvet bow tie she found at an op shop. The lack of tradition and fuss is exactly what they advise for those of you still while planning your day “Crush traditions, make it your own. We feel like the simpler you make these occasions the better they will be. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. But invest in things that are meaningful to you.”

Both adorers of peonies, natural that’s what the bouquet featured. The beauty is put together by the bride’s mother.

The pair loved their photographers “We used Patina and they are the best!! It was a great decision as we look at our wedding photos a lot because they are beautiful!”

For the reception, the guests gathered at Olive Restaurant -another very spot for Kayli & Ange. “Olive Cafe is a Wellington institution. The back courtyard is a leafy garden open-air courtyard, with beautiful food and a very romantic atmosphere. It was also where we had our first date! All our vendors were great, Olive treated us like Kings! Suite gallery was very accommodating.”

The reception may not have had the first dance but it sure had music, “We didn’t even dance! Although we had music, including  The Only One: Black Keys, 400 Lux: Lorde, Maps: YeahYeahYeahs, Lovesong: The Cure, Sea of Love: Cat Power, I’ll take you there: The Staple Singers etc etc”

A big beautiful congratulations to you both Karli & Ange! Thank you for allowing us to share the story of your wedding day and to Patina Photo for all of the beautiful images.