Ready to get your glam on? Because this weekend, we sure are thanks to Gizem and Nico’s glam city engagement captured by Diego Nieto Photography. And the best part? It even includes a Champagne Issue -worthy champagne pop! The pair joined their photographer for a wander through Perth’s CBD, making the most of the urban backdrop of the city streets and the rooftop views.

It was a spontaneous, unusual way that led the pair to first meet. Remembers Gizem “Nicolas arrived in Sydney from overseas, and he was staying with a family who suddenly told Nicolas to leave as their children were arriving for a holiday at their home.

Nicolas suddenly became homeless and finally found a temporary place where I was sharing a home with other 11 people. The girls I was sharing my room with are from Chile as Nicolas is. While they were having a chat in the room, I arrived from work and we met – him Chilean, me Turkish and he suddenly fell in love. He tried his very best to conquer me. He showed me his all talent and his best attention and won me over!” The pair quickly fell in love. “We love how we look at the world and each other. And how sweet people we are. He loves that I am a lady and I love the compromise.”