Champagne towers. We have no doubt that you’ve seen them. They’re infiltrating your Instagram feed and plastered all over your Pinterest. Let’s be honest, the champagne tower has taken over 2022 and we’re not mad about it! If the tower is flowing its way into the agenda for your upcoming celebration (pardon the pun), you’ll want to ensure you know what you’re doing. Need some handy hints? That’s what The Champagne Issue is for! Let us help with “Creating The Perfect Champagne Tower For Your Wedding” by Sarah De Rango for Two Ton Max.

Photo (and header photo) by Marie-Luise via Kathryn & Rhyss’ Classic Modern Wedding At The Wool Mill

Pick Your Moment

The champagne tower is bound to be a focal point for your celebration so it’s crucial to decide when you want this to take centre stage! Many couples opt to jump right into the fun, hustling from their ceremony straight into cocktail hour where they’re popping bottles and pouring like a boss. This is a crowd favourite where newlyweds can cruise on out of the ceremony space straight into the cocktail area where the tower is set up and ready to go. Nothing says “we just got married!” quite like popping a bottle!

Others, however, save this moment for their grand entrance into the reception! Picture your loved ones anxiously awaiting your arrival, hooting and hollering as you re-enter the space as newlyweds, landing where the tower awaits you. With the spotlight on you two, you take that bottle of Moet and get pouring! The party has well and truly begun and you’re sipping pretty as you welcome guests to their seats. Say no more, we’re sold! That’s not quite your flavour? How about making the cake cutting more of a magical moment with the addition of a powerful pour alongside it? The options are endless!

The Tower Itself

We wish it was as easy as stacking a few glasses and popping a fresh bottle, but sadly a little bit more thought needs to be put into the art of the tower. We’ve ironed out the 3 most important aspects to make your life even easier!

It’s all about that base and you need to ensure yours is sturdy. We certainly don’t want that tower toppling over right before the big moment so it’s highly recommended that your tower is built on a firm, solid foundation, and preferably one with a base that can catch any spillages that are bound to occur when the pouring begins.

Next, let’s talk about glasses. As much as we love the classic, elegant champagne flute, it’s crucial that you opt for those stunning coupe glasses this time around. The secret to these dainty beauties is that they have a solid stem that helps to hold the weight of all of the glasses above, unlike many others!

When planning a Champagne tower, you need to decide if this is something you want to organise yourself, or if you want your stylist or venue to get involved. Maybe you’re a champagne fanatic and you have a ton of coupe glasses lying around the house already that you are eager to put to use.

However for those of us that don’t, why not hire the glasses from a party company for the night? This means you leave all the guesswork to the professionals, and allow them to build this display using only the finest tools.

The art of the tower. The most pivotal aspect, some might say. There’s a method to this madness and it begins with placing the glasses in a square shape, each touching the other to form a diamond shape at the base. When your first level is completed, start your next one by placing the stem of the glass directly on top of the diamond shape – this acts as its stable base! Each layer of the tower will get smaller, so if you have a base of 10, for example, then the layer above it will have 9, then 8, and so on. Continue placing the glasses until you have several layers of touching glasses and one single glass sitting pretty on top!

Pour Power

Don’t be shy, we know you’re just eager for Instagram snaps. Not to worry though, we are too! However, there are a few tricks and tips that you must follow to ensure your pour is one for the ages and that it’ll run as smoothly as possible. Firstly, start by slowly pouring your chilled champagne into the glass at the top of the tower, allowing it to overflow and trickle into the glasses below. The key word is slowly, as we don’t want any glasses toppling over. Be patient, this may take some time depending on how big your tower is! Keep on pouring into the top glass until all of the other glasses are filled. A hint from the experts – it takes about one bottle of bubbly for every five glasses! Now for the best part, it’s time to grab a glass and get sipping!

As for the champagne itself, of course, any bottle of bubbles will do but when you’ve put this much effort into creating the tower of your dreams, why not opt for the good stuff? We can never turn down a bottle of Moet or Dom Perignon!

Follow these tips, get yourself some classy coupes, and start pouring – you’re bound to create a champagne tower that belongs on a Pinterest board. Thank us later!

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