Deciding how to use champagne in your wedding styling can be tricky if you aren’t part of the events industry – that’s where Google comes in very handy, and articles like this from Vanessa of The Wedding & Event Creators created for The Champagne Issue. Clever ways to make champagne the star on your big day – “Champagne On Display: Using Champagne In Your Wedding Decor.”

Image: Van Middleton Photography

Champagne Tower

Such a popular hit at weddings is the champagne tower! Display the tower on an acrylic tray or table and stack up some gorgeous coupe glasses in layers ready to toast and share. Champagne towers are popular at either the reception after the wedding party enters or at cocktail hour just post-ceremony to enjoy that first celebratory drink as a married couple with your guests.

Tip: Be sure to have some pre-popped champagne at the ready, we recommend displaying it in some drink tubs on a stand, and then it’s easy to just grab and pour. It takes a lot of champers to fill those towers!

Images: Alana Taylor Photography / Styling: The Wedding & Event Creators

Mini Piccolo Champagne Bottles

Little mini champagne piccolo bottles as a pre-ceremony drink are such a cute addition, you can have them popped and ready to go with a cute straw sitting in ice buckets or displayed lined up on a table as a ‘grab and go’ drink option. Team with a water station and you have a lovely first drinks option for your guests!

Image: Marie-Luise from Kathryn & Rhyss’ Classic Modern Wedding At The Wool Mill

Novelty Champagne Bottles

We love a bit of novelty! And there are some lovely champagne bottles out there to choose from now. Why not choose some fancy gold-covered champagne or prosecco that looks great if displayed in nice tubs of ice on the bar or one per table ready for a special speech or toast? Make sure you save for more photographic special moments. Plus there are some amazing companies that engrave champagne or wine bottles, which make for a nice keepsake or thank you to your wedding party or family members.

Image: Zach Taylor from Jess & Stui’s Modern, Relaxed Backyard Wedding

Image: Coast & Pines Photography from Brooke & Tyler’s Warm Autumnal Wedding by the Beach 

Cute Bar Signs

Using a cute sign near where you display your champagne or drinks is a fun way to bring attention to the beverage. There are some great print-at-home printables from Etsy that say ‘pop, fizz, clink’ or something similar – a nice nod to champagne.

Images (L-R): Billie Devine / The Hogans / Sophie Baker 

Champagne On Arrival

Greeting your guests on arrival with trays of cold champagne in nice glassware sets the scene for a great start to the wedding. Think cut glass or crystal champagne coupes, it’s so nice to drink from something a bit special, and this is a terrific & glamourous looking display.

Image: Doxa Visual from Allison & Toms’ Contemporary & Coastal Wedding

Image: Folk & Follow from Hannah & Gareth’s Pretty Spring Picnic Wedding

A Champagne Spray

These make for great photos where the couple shakes and sprays the champagne during wedding party photos – super fun moments to enjoy with your wedding party.  Make sure the photographer is at the ready and you aim ‘away’ from each other!

Images (L-R): Danielle Knight & Co Photo and Film / Stone & Wool Photography / Simon & Amy Creative 

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