With the last few years seemingly plagued with endless lockdowns, when Marcus and Remziye decided to tie the knot, they gave themselves just eight weeks to do it. “If the date was any earlier or later, we would not have been able to travel from Melbourne” explains Remziye, inviting their nearest and dearest to Tasmania for a weekend getaway, complete, of course, with their “I do’s”. “As all of our guests were from Melbourne, most made a mini holiday of it and we got to spend some time with them before and after the big day. This was special as we had just emerged from Melbourne lockdown and would be thrust into it again on our return to Melbourne.”

In a different kind of winery wedding, in celebration of The Winery issue, even Heart and Colour flew in to join the merry celebration. It was a day that was elegant, intimate, and a celebration of not just who Marcus and Remziye are, but the people who make them who they are. “We decided against a wedding party – everyone who was able to attend was special and our nearest and dearest” explaining the bride.

It was at the most unlikely of places – a house inspection, that their paths first crossed, says Remziye. “I was looking for a place to rent and went to an open house inspection. Marcus was the real estate agent there and when I passed over my diligently prepared application, Marcus offered me the place on the spot, sensing that I would be a great tenant. I was taken aback by how nice Marcus was being to me and developed a crush!”

It was many moons later, during the dark days of Melbourne’s lockdowns, that Marcus asked Remziye to marry him. “I was in a bad mood, during one of Melbourne’s prolonged lockdowns. After dinner, Marcus suggested going for a walk. After visiting the local park and soaking in an incredible purple sunset, Marcus suddenly knelt on one knee. I was caught off-guard and thought Marcus was joking. A crowd of strangers who had seen this happen started cheering as I hugged Marcus and said yes. It was the perfect low-key proposal.”

With just eight weeks to purchase a gown,  Remziye went to Bluebell Bridal who managed to have a beautiful Corston Couture gown ready (and even altered!) in just six weeks.

“Marcus loves a well tailored suit” explains Remziye. “He choose a beautiful Namiman x Masons chalk stripe double breasted wool suit – perfect for the Tasmanian winter’s day!”

The couple held their day at the beautiful winery venue of  Stefano Lubiana. Remziye tells “Stefano Lubiana is a sixth generation, master winemakers. The winery is a unique venue just 25 minutes out of Hobart. The view is spectacular and the setting is peaceful, not to mention incredible food and wine. The food and wine were seriously good – people still talk about it!” Marcus agrees, “The food and wine were incredible, most people commented that it was by far the best food and wine they’ve experienced at a wedding. We both love food and wine and wanted to make sure people were fed a lot and well and Stefano Lubiana didn’t disappoint.”

The couple worked with the wedding planner  Artaud & Co to bring everything together. Remziye explained “As we are from Melbourne and decided to get married in Tasmania within 8 weeks on a whim, we enlisted the help of wedding planner and stylist Lisa Artaud. This meant that we both felt relaxed enough to enjoy the beauty of our surroundings and soak up all of the love that we received from our guests.” Says Marcus “One of my favourite things was how well organised everything was thanks to our amazing wedding planner Lisa who nailed it in eight or so weeks. We couldn’t thank her enough.”

Remziye walked down the aisle to “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” covered by James Blake, hand in hand with her father Fikret.

The ceremony remains the couple’s favourite part of planning, the pair choosing celebrant Rachael Calvert.  “We wanted the ceremony to feel intimate and moving. However, the ceremony was outside in the middle of the Tasmanian winter so opted to keep the formalities short and sweet, without any readings. We didn’t enjoy the planning so much – but it was lovely working with our celebrant Rachael and helping her understand our story individually and as a couple before the big day. Reflecting on our relationship from the perspective of a stranger made us feel lucky to have found one another all over again.”

Of their photographer, Remziye raves “Phil from Heart and Colour Photography was an absolute gem. He has the fantastic ability to put you at ease very quickly and was easygoing throughout the day. The fact that he was able to come down to Tasmania from QLD during a time of Covid travel uncertainty was a small miracle.”

The beautiful floral details for the day were taken care of by Found in Earth – Deloraine Floristry “We had an eclectic approach. For the ceremony, we choose the baby’s breath to form the romantic backdrop for the vows. I love orchids and wanted these to feature in my bouquet. For the table arrangements, we wanted a soft colour palette and Marcus suggested a few darker pops of colour, and they worked beautifully.”

For their first dance, Remziye and Marcus chose” Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Chris Issac.

And the party was only just beginning says Remziye, “We made sure that we included plenty of time for dancing and honoured our backgrounds by including Turkish, Italian and Australian music. The dance floor was packed the entire night.” Marcus adds “Dancing the night away. I didn’t get off the dance floor.”

Congratulations to you both Remziye and Marcus. Thank you for sharing your wedding day memories with us and thank you to Heart and Colour for sharing today’s beautiful wedding.