Exuding modern glam with touches of tradition, Lisa & Mark’s Black & Gold Glamour Wedding was all about what felt right for the couple for their wedding day. While most wedding days incorporate light and bright hues, Lisa remarks, “We love black and that’s what we went for. Our theme was black and gold. We wanted to create a romantic ambiance, setting the mood right for the night for everyone to enjoy!” Shot by Jacob Gordon Photography, who also captured Lisa & Mark’s engagement shoot which you can check out here, their love story is sweet and their wedding day was glorious! Lisa tells us their story…

We met back in 2010 through mutual friends and not long after started hanging out in the same friendship circle. As friends, we did a lot together such as parties, concerts, holidays, etc. We studied at university at the same time and became a lot closer. In 2014 Mark finally had the courage to express his feelings to me and that’s where our love story started.

In January 2021 we were holidaying in Boracay, in the Philippines, for his sister’s wedding. One night at our resort, he had arranged a candlelight dinner on the pool deck. It was super romantic and I was shocked because I didn’t think he had it in him to be that romantic. After dinner, the song “Best Part” by H.E.R started playing whilst he read out a 10-minute long speech declaring his love for me. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

Initially, our set date was September 25, 2021. We wanted this date as it was a long weekend here in WA and something about a long weekend makes everyone so thrilled knowing work isn’t until Tuesday! It was also spring which is my favorite season. However, COVID being COVID affected us majorly due to our family and friends from Queensland and Victoria not being able to attend. Therefore we made the ultimate decision to push it out until November 13 2021 and honestly the date could not have been more perfect. Not only is 13 my favorite number, but it is also a few days after our anniversary date. So that worked out really well.

I wore an off-shoulder long sleeve lace dress with a long train. It was my first visit to Tuscany Bridal and it was the first dress I tried on and I fell instantly in love. I knew it was the one because everything else I tried on after that just didn’t feel right. It made me feel surreal and I couldn’t wait to be a bride!

We wedded at St Joseph’s Church in Subiaco and it was beyond magical. The natural lighting, high ceilings, and marble floors looked very traditional which was what we were going for. We wanted the whole traditional experience, and being that both of us are Catholic it was a no-brainer to get hitched by our favourite priest in front of all our family and friends.

I love roses and orchids and that’s what I wanted my bouquet to be. I loved the colours I chose, pink and white. My florist – McMillan Florist – is my mum’s friend and so she knew exactly what I wanted. I trusted her with all the flower decor and she did an amazing job executing it.

From the engagement shoot to the wedding shoot, the photos are nothing but amazing. I can’t thank Jacob Gordon enough for his creative skills and being able to make the two of us look like supermodels. We are so happy with how the photos have turned out. They are perfect. There were probably lots of moments I don’t remember on the day/night and when I see the photos I’m in tears.

I would recommend Jacob a million times over to everyone. His photos speak for themselves, his creativity really shows in his photos. Not only are they great but he is so easy-going. His friendly personality really made us feel comfortable and the funny things he made us say just to get a laugh out of us were great.

Our cake was completely fake! None of it was real! But that’s what we wanted because we were already serving dessert so we didn’t see a point in paying thousands of dollars for a cake that was going to go into the bin.

We chose Pan Pacific as our reception venue. The reasons why we chose the hotel was because it was indoors, in the city, had amazing food, and had many inclusions that a lot of other hotels/venues exclude.

We’ve always liked the traditional type of weddings with a modern-day twist. I knew I wanted a huge centerpiece on the dancefloor. Pinterest was our biggest inspo where we gathered and pinned all our ideas. In the end, we had to work within our budget and not go too crazy. Wedding palettes are generally always white, and although very beautiful and bright, we love black and that’s what we went for. Our theme was black and gold. We wanted to create a romantic ambiance, setting the mood right for the night for everyone to enjoy.

Look, the tasting was amazing from what I can remember but I honestly didn’t eat a thing because I was too busy all over the place! But from what all my guests have told me, it was great! Started with canapes at pre-reception where everyone got hors d’oeurves. Then came the entree, pasta, mains, and dessert. We received a lot of compliments on the food which was great to hear.

We had prepared our entrance dances which ended up being such a disaster because the music wasn’t queued correctly with the order of the wedding party being introduced. But our entrance and the first dance weren’t ruined and were great! We loved it and I think everyone else did too. Everyone thought we had spent lots of money on dance lessons but honestly, we only have Youtube to thank for that.

We had lion dancers from the Chanh Tin Lion Dancing Troupe and it was awesome to see how skilled the dancers were, and was so entertaining.

Our MC John made us play the shoe game and it was honestly the best. I didn’t get to see Mark’s answers, I just had to go by the crowd’s reactions. Was great fun. Another special touch was being able to see the videos from my bridesmaids from Melbourne, it was so heartfelt and I couldn’t stop tearing up.

Thank you to Lisa & Mark for sharing this exceptionally glorious day, and to Jacob Gordon Photography for letting us show off these stunning images!