Ruth and Skip aren’t fussy kinds of people. They have a love for family, for sunshine-filled days,  for skateboarding, and of course, for each other. So when it came time to tie the knot? They chose a day that embraced everything they loved. A picnic in the park, with a sneaky skateboarding session to celebrate. And really, what could be a more perfect way to spend a summer’s day?

Weddings Captured By Peta joined this merry celebration, a picnic in the sunshine, and a day which Ruth herself describes as “A casual garden boho picnic wedding. Relaxed and all about family and friends just being together.”

Ruth and Skip met while Skip was teaching one of Ruth’s daughters to sing. “Skip was Ruth’s daughter’s singing coach but probably don’t mention that!!! That was when we first met however, Skip asked Ruth to go out with some friends for drinks at a new place in town as an end of year drink. During the evening Skip thought Ruth had left so he was freaking out. She had simply met up with others she knew at the venue and got caught up chatting. Poor Skip, he thought he had blown it on the first night. After dropping Ruth home and he was breathing again a plan was made to meet again. That is it, after five years we married.”

Skip surprised Ruth with a proposal in a greenhouse he built (yes built) for Ruth.  “Skip built Ruth a greenhouse that looks like a little chapel in the year 2020 and he filled it with candles and flowers to propose. He took Ruth’s older daughter shopping for a ring and asked her parents for permission to marry her. Old fashioned we know but Skip said it was the right way to do things.”

Ruth and Skip were married in Bendigo gardens  Canterbury Park Gardens, Eaglehawk. “We choose the gardens as it is an amazing garden in Eaglehawk. Ruth’s grandparents settled in Eaglehawk after farming life and many family events were held in the gardens. We also have a business in Eaglehawk next to the park and we felt that the park represented us and our connection to Eaglehawk.”

Ruth surprised Skip by walking down the aisle, with her father to “Te Karanga”. “I had Te Karanga playing to reflect his New Zealand heritage as a way to reflect his family and their journey in our lives.”

Ruth and Skip were supported by their children on the day “We had our five children with us on our wedding day with ages from 16 – 28. They stood with us and all wore their attire. Some with shoes some without. The children all looked amazing and it was wonderful to have them all there together. We may be biased but they all looked amazing.”


Ruth adored “We have had so many of our guests tell us it was just so relaxed and a beautiful place to be married. Don’t get bogged down with the hundreds of guests. Who’s it for? Enjoy the day and relax. It’s all about you and the love you share with your partner.”

Skips’ favourite or a most significant part of the day was his vows. “I wanted to reassure Ruth and the kids my love for her is of the highest level that comes from my heart.”

The couple, who kept their vows a surprise from one another, married in the sunshine, under an arbour made by Skip himself, adorned with dreamcatchers made by Ruth from her grandmother’s doilies. “We had our ceremony in the gardens surrounded by family and friends. We wanted it to be relaxed and to share how we felt about each other and our commitment to each other.”

Photographer Peta kept the mood just as relaxed as these two wanted it. “Peta was amazing. We didn’t want the whole package as we had been there before” notes Ruth. “We wanted simple and about us and the family. Peta and Ruth communicated through email and text and she was so professional. She met with Ruth before she walked into the park which was so wonderful. She was terrific, fun and knew the images we wanted to achieve and we couldn’t have been happier.

Skip is a social media tart I call him however, I hate photos. So to get the photos back that we did I was so happy. Peta and Skip made me so relaxed and I love them all. My favourite however is the two of us facing each other and Skip kissing my head.”

Ruth found her easy to wear white gown at Poppy’s Bridal Couture. She tells  “I chose the dress I wanted as it was about me being confident in what I wore and the style I liked.
I choose a local wedding shop called Poppy’s Bridal and they were amazing to work with. Through covid and cancelled appointments we got there. My dress is simple and classic, but as a mature bride, I’m more aware of the style that suited me and my personality. I couldn’t have been any happier with the outcome. I didn’t wear shoes as we were all about the casual vibe of the day. I wore jewellery from both my grandmothers and many people admired and loved the pieces I choose.”

Blume Town styled the simple floral details. “Our flowers were designed and supplied by Blume Town in Bendigo. All flowers at Blume Town are eco friendly, sustainable florist and Australian grown. They are also new to town and a local small business and we are all about supporting our local businesses through covid as many have done for us over the last 2 years.”

Surprise #2 for Skip? Photography at the local skate park! Ruth explained “We had photos taken at the skate park which was another surprise for Skip. As he is a skater and we own a skate shop this is him, how could we not add it to our photos.”

Skip dressed in tones of cream and white, says Ruth. “Skip choose his outfit. A beautiful outfit of a crisp linen shirt, light coloured pants, braces and a hat featuring feathers. We both wore no shoes, to feel at ease and the earth under our feet. He looked so relaxed and handsome.”

It was a non-negotiable for the couple that their family was included in the day. “Our parents. Our children. It was so important to have our parents there. Skip’s mum Faye was there with her partner Kevin and Ruth’s parents Margaret and Ron were there for her too. We wouldn’t have had it without them. We had had to change the wedding due to covid and when our Maddison told us she was moving to London in January for a few years we needed to get this organised quick smart so she could be a part of our story.”

A big beautiful congratulations to you both Skip and Ruth! It was such a treat to be able to feature your truly personal wedding day. Thank you both and thank you to Weddings Captured By Peta for today’s beautiful photography.