Wiktoria and Mitchell knew that they wouldn’t be able to have everyone they wanted at their wedding (thanks to a pandemic!) but thanks to a little careful planning, and the advance of technology, they were able to dial in their beloved guests from around the world. The pair opted to keep things simple, letting their incredible waterside venue  Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa do all the heavy lifting. They invited Translucent Photography along for the ride. Today, Mitchell shares the story today, including the tale of how these two met! 

We meet through coincidence on a website called Twitch.tv. Twitch is a website that hosts live streamers and whilst watching, viewers can engage with a chatbox on the side of the screen. Wiktoria and I both happened to be watching someone live at the same time. Wiktoria was new to this person and I had been a member of the site for a few months at this point, so Wiktoria asked some questions about it which I was happy to answer. We talked for a little bit on this public chatbox before moving to private messaging to properly introduce ourselves. We exchanged contact information after a few chats and became acquaintances. Wiktoria was living in Poland at the time, so we would only occasionally message each other or just check in over the next few months, slowly getting to know each other. Soon after, I wanted to try live streaming myself and asked Wiktoria to assist me.

As time went on, Wiktoria watched me do live streams on Twitch and got to know me better, whilst I would talk to her before and after. We quickly became daily contacts and a close friendship grew. As time went on, I began to develop feelings for Wiktoria! However, she lived in Poland so I knew that nothing like this could possibly happen for real. One night, during a get together with other online streamers at a bar, I had a few drinks for confidence and decided to tell Wiktoria how I felt – so that I could move on with it. Wiktoria responded with happiness and told me she felt the same way in return!

We had to figure out what to do next. Being across the world meant we would need to make sure this was certain before we committed to any relationship. However, Wiktoria was ready! She bought tickets to Australia for a holiday and came to visit me. Our first meeting in person was a crazy yet beautiful experience, as we both were incredibly awkward at first. However there was such a spark between us, and it became evident that this relationship could become something very special.
Wiktoria spent a month with me before returning home and decided to return almost immediately. Our relationship truly began there as we became proper partners.

I planned for months to take Wiktoria to Japan and propose to her there. We had a holiday planned and bought tickets only for COVID-19 to cancel any hopes of travelling overseas. With that plan scrapped, I had to come up with a new one that felt just right for both of us.
At one time, I was due to go away for a work trip for at least a month. Wiktoria was quite sad that I’d be away for so long and so I told her I would take her away for a romantic getaway just before I had to leave. I lined up the dates to coincide with the dates that we first confessed to each other and masked the getaway as a treat for her.

At the last minute, my work cancelled the trip entirely. So we had this getaway planned and may as well go on it right? (At least, this was Wiktoria’s view) I had planned the trip for the proposal anyway so this was perfect for me.
I had a private villa in the Hunter Valley booked, and our hosts provided a perfect picnic spot with beautiful decorations, champagne and strawberries. All that was left was to somehow hide the ring and pop the question.
I told Wiktoria I’d take her out for a nice dinner and that we should dress up. As we rolled out a little early, instead I took her down to the picnic spot in a cove by a small creek, covered with fruit trees. There were all the decorations. She felt something was up and told me later she was searching for that ring! I kept it well hidden.

I was so awkward, when the moment came, barely getting the words out. I felt myself shaking and I was her grin, then beam, then start crying. She said yes almost right away, without even looking at the ring. Only afterwards when I put it on, did she realise it was the one she had always wanted.

Our wedding was a small and intimate affair due to COVID-19 restrictions, but Wiktoria and I preferred the smaller numbers! We chose the Snowy Mountains as we both love the cold fresh mountain air, and love the snow. Our wedding was almost snow-themed! We had snow the night before and so the ground and the mountaintops were lightly covered. We had a beautiful day with family and friends, however as Wiktoria’s family could not travel with Australian borders closed, we live-streamed the wedding to Poland.

Our small guest numbers meant we had an amazing intimate wedding and could share it with each person we invited. It felt like a family reunion and party, and each guest told us afterwards that it was one of the best weddings they had experienced due to that. You don’t need hundreds of guests and perfect details for an amazing and memorable wedding. In the end, it is you and your partner. Make each other happy, share each moment with them, the rest of the day will take care of itself.

Our wedding, at Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa.  held on the grass with the lake and mountain behind us was my dream location. I am so very happy that we found Lake Crackenback Resort and how amazing their hospitality was. Afterwards, we moved to the lakeside restaurant with a private room. We had views of the lake as the sun set and bonfires out the back patio for our guests. Our hosts at Lake Crackenback were so incredible accomodating and their hospitality was outstanding. 5 stars to the staff! Everyone that we hired for decorations, flowers, photos and our celebrant created the perfect scene for us. Nothing went wrong.

I decided to wear a silver-blue suit and pink tie from VF Menswear. I searched for many different styles and felt this was elegant yet simple. It matched Wiktoria’s colour scheme of pastel colours and she was very impressed with the selection afterwards. We had a best man – my brother Kieren, and a maid of honour – Wiktoria’s best friend Tegan. Kieren wore the same as I did but replaced the suit jacket with a vest. Tegan wore a baby blue dress to match the pastel colour scheme.

Wiktoria’s dress (by Christina Rossi from Kylie J Bridal) was something she felt was just right the moment she tried it. Her mother paid for it as we were on a tight budget at the time. Whilst there wasn’t much significance to the dress itself beforehand, there certainly is now.

The flowers were by CH Floral Designs. Wiktoria chose a beautiful pastel colour arrangement of different roses and baby’s breath, with a simpler white-blue arrangement for the maid of honour. Wiktoria and I did not have any particulars. We decided not to stress the details and just enjoy the day for what it was. We trusted our hosts and venue to decorate and were not disappointed at all. Wiktoria adds “When I was getting ready I had a moment when it all suddenly hit me that this was happening! All the happiness and stress and excitement and fear and joy. I was like AHHHHHHHHHH”


My father walked Wiktoria down the aisle in place of her father. We felt Wiktoria should be with someone and I felt my father was the right person to do so! The song we chose was a violin rendition of  “Conversations in the Dark” by John Legend. It was perfect music and timing for Wiktorias walk down the aisle. Seeing her in her dress for the first time made me cry just a little.

We had a fairly standard ceremony but kept it light-hearted. Our celebrant – Jo Terlich – The Snowy Celebrant was fantastic in capturing that light mood with good laughs and a bit of banter.


I am never a good planner and prefer to let things happen. Obviously, that was not going to be the case with our wedding so I had to suck it up.
Wiktoria did the most amazing work. She kept all dates, contacts and details all organised. She is incredible at that. I would be lost without her. Wiktoria was so strong and amazing. She had no family and only a few friends on the day and yet she became part of the family quite literally! Wiktoria was loved and accepted by everyone there.

Our photographer Lucy of Translucent Photography was almost the star of the show! She was all-around amazing, bringing that lovely fun atmosphere we were hoping for. Lucy is a hoot! What an amazing photographer. We could tell immediately she has such passion for what she does. She was perfect in her direction, able to bring out the best in us in our photos. She knew when to step back and let the moment naturally happen, she knew when to take control. She captured every moment with incredible skill.

There was a few incredible photos of Wiktoria in her snow gown, with the light rays streaming from behind that are my favourite. We also had some amazing photos of a kiss under the veil, and even some silly ones with the bridal party. I certainly couldn’t pick one. Wiktoria picked one photo of us embracing with beautiful light behind us.

Thank you to you both Wiktoria and Mitchell for sharing the story of your day with us. We wish you a magical life together,. Thank you also goes to Translucent Photography for sharing today’s beautiful images.