We’ve chatted on Instagram a bit lately about re-imagining weddings. After the pandemic left so many wedding days to fit into such a short amount of time, a traditional Saturday celebration of dinner and dancing might just be something we need to leave behind.

And the thing is, if we’re creating a day that is so truly personal, so truly us, isn’t it a perfect excuse to throw out the traditional format and do what we want, time of day, day of the week, included? A Monday picnic in the park, a Friday brunch at sunrise, a midweek hike through your favourite national park. You can indeed dream up anything! We’re sharing twelve ideas to inspire you to think out of the box today, but, think of your absolute favourite way to spend time with your beloved, what do you adore doing together Plan your day around that.

A Brunch

Who says a wedding has to be over salmon or chicken? Brunch is one of the very best meals of the day, and it turns out it’s an amazing idea for a wedding. Serve up beautiful crispy, buttery pastries, rounds of fresh mimosa, endless fruit platters, or even bacon and eggs. Tie the knot as the sun rises, and celebrate all day long!

Photo by The Milestone Studio via Hilary & Nick’s Bush Dance Country Wedding

A Lunch

There is something about long balmy days and endless hours to spend with your favourite people over lunch. And lunches? They’re also a superb idea for your wedding. You can chat over beautiful food and wine, make the most of the sunshine and escape later as newlyweds for a private dinner alone. A lunchtime wedding has a lot to love.

Photo by The Beautiful Collective via Jen & Obi’s Casual Backyard Long Lunch Wedding

A Picnic

If we’re all doing one thing in 2021, it’s a picnic, so why not celebrate your marriage with a picnic wedding? Firstly, it’s outdoors, which always has higher guest density limits (and it’s a little safer when we talk COVID friendly practices) but it also has a beautiful, casual, celebratory vibe. Big blankets and comfy chairs, delicious treats in picnic baskets and from food trucks. Basking in the country air, what more could you want?

Photo by Anni Maria Photography  via Divia & Wei’s Outdoor Manners Hill Picnic Wedding

A High tea

What about a morning tea? Or a mid-afternoon celebration? A high tea is a brilliant idea here, tiered cake stands full of delicious baked treats, hot cups of freshly brewed tree and plenty of time on either side for photos, celebrations and of course, vows. It’s a beautiful way of keeping the celebration more low key, without losing the sense of occasion.

Photo by K Thorpe Photography via Ashleigh & Nathan’s Winter High Tea Wedding

A Dinner Party

Dinner parties can be utterly romantic. Keeping the guest list small and intimate, the table loaded with flowers and flattering candles, and beautiful music in the background makes for an unforgettable wedding experience. It also makes for plenty of room to have a bit fun with the food – think an eleven-course degustation for example!

Photo by Damien Milan Photography via Sally & Nizar’s Intimate Sydney City Wedding

A Sunrise Session

Hand on heart, one of the most forgotten about, but magical parts of the day is sunrise. Say your vows as a new day dawns (how symbolic!), celebrate with fruit smoothies and champagne, as the darkness fades. What could be more romantic?

Photo by Todd Hunter Mcgaw via Brooke & Mitch’s Northern Territory Sunrise Wedding

A Camp Trip

If you adore spending your weekends hiking in the hills, why not spend a few days with your best crew camping for your wedding? Escape midweek to the wilderness, plan a day where you all dress up and say your vows in the middle of nowhere.

Photo by Tessa Cox Photography via Intimate Elopement in the Blue Mountains

A Pub Crawl

Not one to stay in the one place for too long? Might we introduce you to the idea of a pub (or cocktail bar!) crawl. Book a bunch of bars and wander with your guests between them, making the most of your favourite cocktails! We love this idea for the fact it will allow you to chat with each guest and keeping the excitement pumping along. Bring on the bar snacks of course!

Photo by Shoshana Kruger Photography via Bon & Mick’s Intimate Perth Winter Wedding

Afternoon Tea

One of the nicest times in life is tea and cake. There is a calmness, quietness and the feeling of a treat. Which is to say why not consider an afternoon tea wedding? Channel your inner Downton Abbey and lay a table with your best crockery and cutlery, have a waiter serve you hot tea, dine on cakes together.

Photo by Simone Addison Photography via Barry & Mark’s Intimate, Elegant & Vintage Inspired Riverfront Elopement

A Slumber Party

Was there anything quite as fun as a kid than spending the night on mattresses on the floor with your favourites? Why not do it again for your wedding? Hire a hall and camp out, watch movies, order pizza. Say your vows on the mattresses, or even better, why not have a slumber party and then marry at dawn?

Photo by Morgan Roberts (wedding coming soon!)