When we say that we think the only way to get married is to do it utterly your way, we’re saying, that no matter what your way is, embrace every moment of it. For Bon and Mick, everything about their day was theirs. They dressed for the day together and walked hand in hand together to the ceremony, where they tied the knot with just two witnesses. Says Bon “We knew a white church wedding wasn’t for us, so we went with an intimate registry office ceremony, only having two witnesses present.” And then, they celebrated with a wander through Perth’s CBD, stopping for a gin and a pint, before an ice cream cone.

And that’s not all they did their way, as evidenced by the beautiful images by Shoshana Kruger Photography. There’s the bride’s emerald green velvet wedding gown for starters (which is, by default absolutely beautiful!). “The atmosphere was relaxed yet precious, and every detail we planned to be perfect to our taste. Everything from his blue tweed suit to having post-vow drinks at our favourite tiny gin bar was completely ‘us’.” But you’re just going to have to keep scrolling to discover it all!

As for how these two came to be? Bon shares “I wish we had a better meeting story than we do, but we’re lovers of the modern age- we met on tinder!” And if you are getting the vibe that these two are relaxed and easy-going about their life together? You’d be right, even evidenced by the way they decided to get married. “Yet again, I don’t have a good story for this! We’d discussed getting married many times over the preceding few months, and one day it all started to sound more like a plan than a dream… we said to each other ‘we could really do this’…. so we did!”

Mick’s outfit? “Mick wore a tweed three-piece suit, the jacket and trousers were a dusty sapphire blue and the waistcoat was wheat-coloured. Mick likes clothing with a vintage flair (we both do, really!) so the classic style of the suit immediately grabbed our attention. Mick’s bowtie and jacket lining were a deep merlot red and beautifully complemented the rest of our jewel-toned colour scheme.”

Bon’s velvet green wedding gown, as I am sure you will agree, is an utter showstopper. “Anyone who knows me will tell you I rarely wear white… or any light colours for that matter! I’ve always loved jewel tones, with deep emerald being a particular favourite. I picked out a slinky 1930s-Hollywood-style mermaid gown made of deep green velvet so dark it was almost black in some lighting. I loved the colour and cut of the dress because it worked with my pale tatted skin and dark hair, and the clinging cut was just made for my figure. I finished off the look with bright red lipstick, and had my favourite pair of Doc Martens hiding underneath the dress… no heels for me!
I’m still utterly enamoured with the dress, I couldn’t be happier with my choice.”

The bright blooms for the day were styled by Floral State. Says Bon “My flowers were a magenta and merlot explosion beautifully arranged by the wonderful Lee-anne of Floral State. They almost seemed to leap out of my hands, they were so vibrant! Lee-anne could not have done a more wonderful job, the blooms were absolutely stunning. I’ve saved the proteas that were in the bouquet and have them dried and displayed in my living room!”

Mick’s favourite wedding day memories? “‘I remember the soft rain that was falling as we walked to our wedding venue, and the smile on Bon’s face as she hid under her coat. I certainly remember the intensity in our eyes when we said our vows, and that feeling of all-encompassing joy the moment we finished signing the papers. Yeah. *laughs* OH! and our first kiss as a married couple!”

Everything about this day was relaxed, the pair wandering to their ceremony together making the perfect time for photographs. “We were privileged enough to have our dear friend Shosh capture our day for us. She was an absolute dream and made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera. Having a friend close by to catch those moments is indescribably precious!”

Bon and Mick were married at Old Tower House. Bon noting “Our ceremony was very simple – we just read the standard vows to each other. Amusingly, we didn’t know we had to do this – we thought we just had to rock up and sign the papers! As such we had not practised what we had to say, and I had a hard time not tripping over my words as they had to squeeze past the grapefruit that had mysteriously appeared in my throat! Thank goodness for waterproof eyeliner….”

“Everything about the day was a special detail… ” notes Bon. “We designed the whole thing to be completely authentic to us, so I couldn’t possibly pick just one feature!”

And once the knot was tied, the couple’s family and friends met them to celebrate. “Immediately after the ceremony we met our family and friends outside the marriage house for the ring exchange and some photos” remembers Bon.

Advice to you from Bon herself? “Be kind, be honest, be yourself. Don’t get married the way others want you to, do it the way YOU want to. Make every detail personal to you and your sweetheart, and don’t be scared to do things differently!”

The procession stopped at a bar on the way. “Next, we ducked into the magical gin wonderland that is Frisk Small Bar. My first sip as a married woman was a delicious sloe gin the same colour as my flowers and Mick’s bowtie.”

Dinner was the next stop, the pair choosing Petition Beer Corner. “After Frisk, we strolled across the Perth CBD to our favourite spot for a pint, the Petition Beer Corner in the State Buildings, the former site of the treasury. Our loved ones all joined us here, and we ate, drank, and were merry.

We loved picking out the places we’d visit on the day, and also thoroughly enjoyed the process of finding our outfits together. Selecting exactly what we wanted was such a satisfying experience!”

And there s one final stop for dessert! At Chicho Gelato. “We finished off the night across town in Northbridge at Chicho Gelato – I recommend the lavender and honeycomb!”

Congratulations to you both Bon and Mick! Thank you for sharing the stories of your day with us. Thanks also go to Shoshana Kruger Photography for sharing today’s celebration with us.