When you envision a coastal theme wedding, it’s hard not to immediately imagine all the stunning, natural styling and decor that can be used. One element, in particular, we are completely loving at Polka Dot Wedding is the use of coconuts in coastal-inspired weddings! 

A little something I will snatch from Life of Coco that really resonated with me is just how sustainable and eco-friendly using coconuts and coconut products really is. Many coconuts are destined for landfills, and the bowls and products they create are 100% sustainable and symbolise their zero waste dream of transforming everyday waste into beautiful things, as well as cutting down the use of plastics. So by sourcing coconut products for your wedding, you are potentially reusing waste that would otherwise head straight for landfill! The use of coconuts in their products inspired me to not only showcase their stunning range but to delve into the style and use of coconuts in general for weddings.

So I thought, with the help from the team at Life of Coco, I’d put together some seriously gorgeous and brilliantly beachy uses for coconuts and coconut products at your coastal themed wedding! 

Image: Life of Coco

Let’s start at the very beginning (a very good place to start!) and dive into raw coconuts and shells as stunning beachside-themed wedding decor. Scattered on tables they look so natural – almost like you’ve landed on a tropical island! And what’s even more divine about raw coconuts is they work so well with many different colour palettes – the more well-known summery colours of oranges, yellows, browns etc. Or for a moodier, more minimal look they can work back with blues, greys, whites, linens and neutrals.

Images Carly Tia from Modern Island Dreaming Tropical Wedding Ideas

Images by Spark & Kindle Photography from Tropical Wedding Brunch Ideas

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Here’s the really special thing about coconuts. There are so many ways to use them as part of your wedding, not just as a stunning styling element. Elena & Joe from Life of Coco suggests using their coconut candles not only as part of your table decor but gifting them for wedding favours, simply as they are or by making coconut succulent or herb planters to gift your guests. Check out their DIY tutorial on how to make your own to really personalise these for your loved ones. Their other coconut products – like the reusable cutlery, straws and bowls – are also wonderful ideas for wedding favours. If you and your partner are super eco-conscious then this is a terrific ode to this passion of yours to share!

Another perfect use for these beautiful coconut bowls is to have them hold rose petals and confetti alternatives to give to your guests to throw as you both head back down the aisle after saying “I Do!”.

Images: Life of Coco

We love the reusable coconut cutlery from Life of Coco! Perfect for favours as I mentioned above or actually using as the cutlery and tableware on the day! Using coconuts doesn’t just mean using the physical shell in some way shape or form. This idea is just as coastal and is such a nod to being as eco-friendly as possible.

Image: Life of Coco

Why not add a touch of that beach holiday into a signature cocktail for the event? Coconut as an ingredient or garnish is delicious and just one sip will transport you and your guests to that summer vacation spot in an instant! Also, using a coconut cup – the shell-shaped style or a more traditional shape made from coconuts – for Pina Coladas and other beachy cocktails is another super beachy way to include coconuts.

Image by Kas Richards from Coconut Mojito by Peter Rowlands Catering

Image by emerald & ella from Lime, Coconut & Ginger-Infused Rum

Image by Raes on Wategos from Raes on Watego ‘Maca-Colada’ 

And coconut doesn’t have to be secluded in your drinks menu. Have your caterer add coconut as an ingredient in your wedding menu OR, a tip-top idea that the PDW loves, serving some boozy icy poles for a hot summer wedding day! Keep your guests cool and add a bit of youthful abandon with these Coconut Pineapple Vodka Tipsy Icy Poles!

Image: Polka Dot Wedding 

Perhaps you’re a breakfast or brunch reception – and why not, we say! Your day, your way! Waves lapping the shoreline while you and your guests gather together to celebrate your nuptials by enjoying a healthy, decadent wedding breakfast/brunch. Come armed with beach umbrellas and towels so that you can all laze the rest of the day away together on the sand. It actually sounds perfect to us! So why not create delicious smoothie bowls as part of your menu? And what better way to present them than to serve these up in coconut bowls with coconut cutlery, accompanied by thick cool smoothies in coconut cups with coconut straws (oh wow, the options are endless!).

Images: Life of Coco

We haven’t forgotten the smallest wedding guests! Coconut cups and bowls are a great option for children throughout the entire event. They are safe and parents don’t need to worry about their little ones breaking glasses, plus the kids get really excited using them and feel special!

Video from Life of Coco

Food for thought? (Almost quite literally!) There really are so many gorgeous and handy ways to use coconuts as part of your coastal inspired wedding day. These are just a few to get the gears ticking over in your brainstorming, and if this is a theme you’re hoping to roll with for our day, then I hope this has helped, even just a little!