We think weekday weddings are a total vibe and there is no greater evidence than the wedding of Akacia and Matty. The pair, who dreamt of a day full of “relaxed, casual, sunset chill vibes” got everything they wished for. They invited their guests to witness their vows overlooking the sea, in the most golden of light (captured every beautifully by Sarah of De Lumiere Photography), before celebrating with guests over good food and wine at a seaside restaurant.

We often tell you your wedding can be whatever you want it to be, and for these two, it really was. From getting ready together and helping each other don their finest, to walking hand in hand down the aisle. It’s all about the magic moments!

It was a hop, skip and jump across the pond that led Akacia and Matty’s paths to cross. Akacia telling “We met in New Zealand. I had moved there for work and Matty was working for the same company. We were both in other relationships when we met and just by chance, or maybe fate? We broke up with our significant others at the same time (no funny business, purely a coincidence). Almost a year later we started to date. I asked Matty if he had a crush on me when we first met, he said ‘Ew yuck no! I was with my girlfriend.’ Thanks for not stroking my ego Matty!”

Sometime later “We had been together for aaaages (and I wasn’t getting any younger)” laughs Akacia, a few hints encouraged Matty to ask the big question. “I decided to put some pressure on him. The incessant nagging finally paid off and he told me to pick a ring. I knew roughly when the ring would be delivered and spent several weeks in cute outfits, full makeup, manicured nails and styled hair just waiting for the moment. It was painstaking! But finally one day, on top of a snowy mountain (of course!) he got down on one knee.”

Akacia carried a simple bouquet. “I wanted a deconstructed bunch with Australian natives and orchids (my fav).”

Matty wore a blue suit designed by MJ Bale. “He wanted something smart but also appropriate for other occasions” explains Akacia. “It was a good excuse to update his limited suit wardrobe.”

The bride wore Aje. She tells “I wore a beautiful Aje dress. Not a traditional wedding dress (also not the price tag, thank goodness!) I wanted something simple, modern & chic. I didn’t want to spend several thousand but also didn’t want to look scrappy.”


Shares Matty “It was a great day full of love, fun, and excitement. Great locations, great venue, great people, what more could you ask for. I absolutely love the photography. My “wife” did such a great job organising everything, I was truly blown away.”

The couple joined their guests for a sunset ceremony at Shark Point Clovelly. Akacia noting  “I wanted no buildings around, lots of ocean and sunset light. It is a spot we walk to regularly so felt familiar. It was incredibly cheap to rent from the council for a couple of hours, if you love a local spot near your place check out the rates from your local council! Such a great wedding hack.”

Akacia and Matty walked hand in hand down the aisle together. “We walked down the aisle together to I think a wedding march, we had a string trio who thankfully helped me pick some goodies.”

Celebrant Ben Agar performed the official duties. “We wanted a quick and entertaining ceremony. No readings. No long blubs about love. We found the perfect celebrant who delivered on everything we wanted and more. Our guests couldn’t stop raving about him.”

There was one particular guest’s attendance that was very important to Akacia. “Grandpa being there was important to me. We are very close and due to health problems, it was touch and go as to whether or not he would make it. I was thrilled when my family rallied together and devised a plan to care for him throughout the day so he could attend.”

“It’s one day. Make your crazy big plans, sleep on them, then revise. In the end, I was glad I couldn’t go as crazy as I wanted to (due to covid). All that matters is that you get to marry the beautiful person you have chosen to spend your life with.”

“Sarah from De Lumèire is the best! ” raves Akacia. “We look incredible! I love golden light & sun flares and she delivered. She ensured I didn’t pose like a truck driver (thank you!) and made the day really seamless and carefree.

She did such an amazing job it’s too hard to pick one photo. I am still ruthlessly spamming my family and friends.”

Matty and Akacia headed to Ikaria Bondi to celebrate their nuptials. Akacia remarking  “Great beachfront location with amazing Mediterranean mezze. Perfect for the relaxed vibe we were going for. Not a venue that usually allows weddings so we were thrilled to book with them.”

A big congratulations to the newlyweds! Thank you for taking the time to share your wedding day stories with us and thank you to De Lumiere Photography for sharing today’s celebration!