It’s not a secret that colour plays a key role in any wedding – from the flowers to the decorations, from the dresses and suits, the colours have to work in cohesion, reflect the mood and channel the right message. But an element of colour coordination that is often overlooked is the way nature and the natural world is tied into a wedding. For some tips, we asked our friends at the custom, made-to-measure suiting specialists, InStitchu, for their advice on how nature can be incorporated into a wedding through tailoring so that your styling reflects your vision for your day.

Navy For The Ocean

Not only is it one of the most versatile and classic colours for a suit navy also ties beautifully into the colours of the ocean. Your photos won’t date, and whatever the sky and weather throw at you for your big day a navy colour scheme will pick up on varied flecks of dark and light blue from the ocean. Whether it’s wool or a lighter, more casual fabric like cotton or linen, an oceanside wedding is best served by an elegant navy suit –  for anywhere coastal, it’s a safe and timeless bet.

Cream or White For Sand

If you’re getting hitched closer to the beach, lighter shades of linen, cotton or wool (or blends of the above) will tie into the colour and mood of the sand on the beach wonderfully. As well as capturing a laid-back and summery style, the mood of a tropical lightweight suit just channels the style of the wedding beautifully.

Dark Green or Brown For The Countryside

Whether you’re getting married somewhere rural, in a wine region or somewhere with a bit of a rustic/farmyard vibe, there’s an array of autumnal shades that capture the colours and mood of your wedding. We recommend dark greens and browns, from lighter tans to heavier browns, because they pick up the trees, grass, vines and rustic texture of the natural setting. While wool is the easiest bet, we’re big on emphasizing textured fabrics for rural settings – looser weaves, and fabrics that are blends or show some roughness in their presentation, seem to channel the mood and sophistication of a more rural wedding perfectly.

Black and Midnight Navy For The Night Sky

Wherever you’re getting married, a stylish evening setting is most aptly captured by the use of dark, moody colours that reflect the evening sky. Whether that’s a black tuxedo, a midnight navy velvet dinner jacket or something in between, the sophistication of a fancy evening wedding is made for classic, timeless fabrics, the kind that have ushered in countless dinner parties and fancy balls.

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